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The Ex-Wife Of Dwyane Wade Objects To His Daughter’s Request To Change Her Name!



Dwyane Wade

The famous player of the National Basketball Association, Dwyane Wade, has come out in this support of his daughter. The latter changed her name after she identified herself as a transgender person.

Allegations Of Dwyane Wade And His Ex-Wife

It was in the year 2020 that his daughter, Zaya, declared that she was transgender. Wade has always been emotionally attached to his daughter, so he filed a petition in the court of law to get her name and gender legally changed in the official records. 

He did not have any objection to this finding and fully supported his daughter. But this action has not been openly supported by his ex-wife. His ex-wife, Siohvaughn, has levied allegations against Wade.

Allegations Of Dwyane Wade And His Ex-Wife

These allegations have been concerning illegally making money from the gender identity of their daughter, who is transgender.

After hearing these allegations for around 2 to 3 months, Wade finally speaks out for himself. According to Dwyane Wade, the allegations by his ex-wife have been very derogatory and have been able to hurt their children to a great extent. 

What Is The Situation Now? 

It is essential to mention that according to his ex-wife’s allegations, Wade should not pressurize their daughter to change her name and gender. This ex-wife has also found a petition in the court of law to deny Wade’s petition.

According to her allegation, Wade is specializing in their children to proceed with this identity change because he wants to earn profit out of the business opportunities currently being offered to Zaya.

According to her, their daughter must wait until the time she turns 18 so that she can be mature enough to decide what is suitable for her. This decision cannot be superimposed on the children by taking advantage of their immature attitude. 

What Has Wade Got To Say Against This? 

Wade has been deeply hurt and ashamed by his ex-wife’s allegations. He is just trying to receive social acceptance for their trans daughter. He wants his daughter to put up a tough fight against the stereotypes of this world by emerging to be the most assertive personality.

Dwayne Words

He wants his daughter to live a life like an average child. Not only this, but also he is trying his level best to make her feel comfortable. It does not want their fellow mates of the daughter to make fun of her during the class. 

The allegations will not prevent him from discharging the responsibilities of Being a father. It is his parental right to support his daughter in every possible way. Only with the help of this particular aspect does he want his daughter to survive in this world that will not accept her reality so quickly.

All of these effects are being made by him to make this world a better place for his daughter. But the allegations of his ex-wife have affected him and their daughter to a great extent. She probably expected much more from her mother.

What Are The Future Aspects Of The Same? 

Zaya is probably trying to focus on her career, which is impacting her significantly. She not only feels social isolation but also does not even get her mother’s support, which is crucial for her at this point.

She is expected to try to overcome these challenges anytime soon in one or the other way. Only with the help of a positive attitude towards life will she discover her inner self. 

Final Words

This is one of the most critical aspects that must be considered for the time being. Both of her parents must emerge for her support at this time.

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