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In The Wake Of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, What’s Next For The MCU?



Black Panther

The famous Marvel Cinematic Universe is ready to launch its final theatrical release. This famous movie will be known as Black Panther Wakanda Forever. This will probably be the last movie under this banner, and after that, the unbeatable era of the MCU will be wrapped up.

MCU Is Ready To Launch Its Final Theatrical Release

The most important concept of this movie was to honor The Legacy of Chadwick Boseman and narrate the story of Wakanda after the sudden death of Challa. But the last part of the movie would be able to bury the seeds of the future storylines. 

This will be helpful to keep the trust of the audience in this series intact over the period. According to the existing speculations, another character in the form of black Panther Shuri is introduced in the final part of the movie.

MCU Is Ready To Launch Its Final Theatrical Release

She is none other than the little sister of Challa. All of this has provided a hint towards the upcoming plots of the famous projects lined up for the future. These projects include the ones like a thunderbolt and the much-awaited Ironheart. 

What Does The Future Of The MCU Hold For The Audience? 

One of the essential speculations is the return of the Black Panther Wakanda Forever. Marvel would be in the position to wrap the final scene after dropping a hint that the time has come for the arrival of the Black Panther.

But the date for the movie has yet to be notified by the production department. But it is expected that after the story has focused upon Shuru, only then would focus be thrown towards other aspects of the Marvel movie. This means that it is going to take time, and it is going to take a while for the team.

Apart from Panther, there is yet another player who will be back soon. He will be Namor. He would be in Association with Shuri. They will be in the position to strike a deal to maintain a peace agreement between the Kingdom of Talocan and the Kingdom of Great Wakanda. 

New Titles

It will be based on the common understanding that both parties would ultimately benefit from the underwater Kingdom. This will be the extended part of the movie, and the countries of The United States of America and France are already ruling over the same.

This time, however, Namor would be functioning as an anti-hero character. He would be in the position to defend his Kingdom but at the cost of other people’s lives. His most common target will be none other than Shuri’s mother.

Once the truth is revealed to her, then automatically, a war would be waged by her army against his Kingdom. It will be interesting to witness how both of them settle down.

Apart from these two characters, Riri Williams would also make a comeback in Ironheart. He is a famous Prodigy from Chicago who has been able to build himself. He would be in the position to focus on all the adventures that she undertook in the year 2016. She introduced herself under the banner of Marvel Comics. 

It was probably a very successful venture in life. This time she would be a part of the Young Avengers team. Some people predict that she will fall in love with T’Challa’s son. This is going to be the most important aspect of the movie.

It will be fun to watch all of these elements collide and fight for their rights over time. The other things concerning the future of the MCU will be updated shortly. But for the time being, this is the maximum available information.

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