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Pennsylvania Teen Arrested For Murder Following Instagram Confession Video



Pennsylvania Teen Arrested For Murder Following Instagram Confession Video

Given the current state of affairs, God helps America. A 16-year-old boy was recently taken into custody in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, by police. The accusation against a 16-year-old child is considerably more terrible than anyone can imagine.

Joshua Cooper, a boy, is accused of shooting a girl and asking for help in disposing of the body on Instagram. Who does such a thing? The absurdity of that! The legs of a person smeared in blood are visible in the video thanks to Cooper’s flipping of the image. He is accused of seeking assistance with body disposal before doing this.

According to Bensalem Police, a call from the worried party’s parents was placed to 9-1-1. According to them, a 16-year-old friend sent their daughter a video chat on Instagram. Joshua Cooper, 16, claimed to have just murdered a person, was later confirmed as the boy in question.

Information Gathered From The Crime Scene

Once they were informed of the occurrence, the police decided to check Cooper. Information regarding Cooper’s residence was provided to them. Officers proceeded to examine the site after receiving information that Cooper lived in Bensalem’s Top of the Ridge Trailer Park.

Pennsylvania Teen Arrested For Murder Following Instagram Confession Video

When the police came, they saw a young child attempting to flee the scene. Joshua Cooper allegedly rushed out of the trailer’s back to avoid being discovered. The officers entered the mobile home to conduct a more thorough investigation.

The events that followed were pretty grotesque. A dead girl with a gunshot wound and blood all over her body was found on the restroom floor. They also saw that significant efforts were made to clean up the situation. 

Cooper had left the site, but the other officers continued their hunt for several hours. Cooper was eventually located after a brief period. The sources state that at that point, Cooper was arrested.

Because Cooper was charged with felony homicide and possessing instruments of crime as an adult, he will be prosecuted as such. As was previously indicated, Cooper attempted to remove the evidence from the scene, and as a result, he was additionally charged with “tampering with evidence.”

The Bucks County District Court heard his arraignment. The judge in charge of the case, Stacy Wertman, rejected the suspect’s request for bail. According to recent news reports, Cooper is currently being held at Edison Juvenile Detention Center.

Social Media Helped Track Him Down

Instagram was crucial to Cooper’s success in capturing fish. That Cooper is accused of shooting a girl could not have been anticipated. He may have easily escaped punishment for the murder.

In a foolish decision, he published the video while pleading for assistance in disposing of the body. How someone could be so silly as to expose themselves on social media is incredibly difficult to understand.

That he was discovered is understandable. Another explanation, though, is that he was so shocked after the act that he could not think of anything. He may have intended to be discovered after what he did. He could have avoided sending the video to his pals, which was a horrible mistake.

America has recently been the scene of several tragic and heartbreaking events. The recent Colorado and Walmart massacres have dampened the holiday spirit. The information about the girl who was shot has not yet been made public.

Further research is being done to determine Cooper’s motivation for committing this crime. This case is still more of a problem that needs to be solved till then. In another series of murders that were made public, a man named Snider is accused of killing two men. The incident happened early on Monday morning close to 80th and Hosmer Street and Bass Pro Shop.

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