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Hot Boys Rapper B.G. Could Get Out Of Jail Sooner



Hot Boys Rapper B.G. Could Get Out Of Jail Sooner

According to recent reports and the Instagram Live of rapper Birdman of Cash Money Records, B.G, aka Baby Gangsta, the former rapper of Hot Boys may get an early release from prison.

The rapper was sentenced to a 14-year term in 2012, on charges of the illegal possession of firearms and witness tampering. He is currently serving his sentence in a California prison and had been previously denied a compassionate release three times by judge Morgan.

Though the projected date of his release is on April 7, 2024, Birdman, in an Instagram Live has announced that B.G could get an early release, and be home in a matter of a few weeks.

Rapper B.G. From The Hot Boys Could Get Out Of Prison Early

The news has created an atmosphere of excitement among the hip-hop community, but unfortunately, it is not the first time that Birdman had announced the news of a compassionate release for B.G.

Hot Boys Rapper B.G. Could Get Out Of Jail Sooner

Back in September, he had announced that B.G would be home “in a minute”, but later deleted all the Instagram posts about the matter. So, there is an air of anticipation and skepticism about the latest news of his early release.

The first motion for his early release was made in May 2020, when B.G., in a handwritten statement appealed to the court that his harsh upbringing may have influenced him negatively. He also stated that he accepted full responsibility for his crime, but felt that he had suffered enough, with regard to his punishment.

However, Judge Morgan rejected the request for compassionate release and noted that his behavior in the prison was reflective of the actions that had landed him in the prison in the first place.

The judge had cited rule violations such as the possession and use of drugs and weapons, and refusing to carry out his work assignment. Stating that he had not presented a compelling case for compassionate release, she denied his early release and ordered that he should remain in prison until the end of the sentence.

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Another request for compassionate release was made in July 2022, and Birdman wrote a letter to Morgan pleading that B.G. could influence society positively if he was released early on compassionate grounds.

He mentioned that the rapper was not only a generational artist, but also had a platform for him, and hence an opportunity to share his experience to the end of bettering the lives of young men who are willing to listen to what he had to say.

He stated that he believed B.G could use his experience to help people and made a petition which was signed by many public figures and celebrities in the entertainment industry. But unfortunately, this second request was also rejected by judge Morgan.

The third motion for compassionate release was made in September 2022, referring to an early motion by a fellow inmate who acted on B. G’s behalf.

In the motion, he alleged that the court had misconstrued the defendant’s motion, which described the conditions in the prison, and his risk of contracting Covid-19. He also spoke of the “incompetence” of his former attorney and against the prosecutors, who, according to him, tried to “paint him as a violent individual” because of his lyrics.

Though Birdman expressed his hopes of early release for B.G on Instagram, the motion was again rejected by the judge.

The rapper had faced his initial sentence with what he called a positive mindset, and released a statement that he was ready to start the sentence as it was not “RIP BG” but “FREE BG”, and he felt happy and blessed that he would still be a young man when he was released finally.

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