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Dylan Apologises For Using An Automated Method To Sign Supposedly Hand-signed Books



Dylan Apologises For Using An Automated Method To Sign Supposedly Hand-signed Books

Since they believed they had been tricked, Bob Dylan faced criticism and resentment from his admirers. Recent information has revealed that he utilized a machine to sign limited edition copies of his latest book, according to reliable sources.

The issue is not that it was mechanically autographed but that the book had been marketed as being personally signed! The disclosure has turned admirers into barbarians. Bob Dylan responded by apologizing for his poor decision-making.

One of the 900 copies of the new book by the legendary musician, “Philosophy of Modern Song,” has been sold for a staggering $599.

The supporters share a similar level of rage. After comparing notes online, they discovered that the books’ signatures were replicas of one other. This realization caused them to express their indignation.

Bob Dylan Apologized And Reasoned Out The Mishap

This past Saturday, Dylan responded to the uproar on social media. His use of an autopen was a last resort due to severe vertigo, he revealed to his audience of followers. Vertigo stopped him from signing the books himself.

Dylan Apologises For Using An Automated Method To Sign Supposedly Hand-signed Books

One of the limited-edition versions of the book authored by Bob Dylan is the subject of the discussion. He insisted once more that he had personally signed every print of artwork throughout the years.

Additionally, he urged his followers to consider his devotion to and love for them, noting that he had never before made them feel uncomfortable.

Dylan continued by mentioning how difficult it was for him to deal with his severe bout of vertigo throughout the pandemic years. He explained that a staff of at least five would have been needed during the pandemic.

They would have had to operate confined to facilitate these signing sessions. He used a machine to sign documents while the virus was active because they could not develop a secure and efficient alternative.

Readers were given Dylan’s word that his earlier autographs were genuine, the Facebook statement. He claimed that every copy was manually signed until 2019, the year before the pandemic began.

How Did The Fans Figure It Out?

The admirers who received the book snapped a photo of the signatures. After that, they all shared on social media platforms and discovered that there were no variances in the signatures, which typically occurs when manual signatures are used.

Additionally, numerous attempts at autograph authentication have shown that autopen-created signatures are less reliable than authentic signatures. Autograph machines on wheels are another name for autopens.

Autopen signatures often include pressure points created by the device at the beginning and conclusion of each stroke. Fans discovered that Dylan’s book contained at least 17 different types of automatic signatures.

The use of fraudulent signatures appears to be widespread. The use of automatic signatures by famous people has been criticized before, but Dylan is not the first. In recent years, autopens have proliferated among books and CDs promoted as authentically-signed.

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Numerous celebrities and well-known figures have already been charged with defrauding fans in incidents of a similar nature. There have been allegations of automatic signature machines being utilized by many prominent people, including Brian Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, and Dolly Parton.

According to popular belief, when celebrities deceive their fans this way, it raises concerns about their moral character.

Employing an auto-pen look like a desirable choice with impending contractual obligations. Bob Dylan was persuaded to choose Autopen through the same route.

Additionally, Dylan was recommended for autopen by an outside source who also assured that this sort of thing is rather prevalent in the literary and artistic worlds. Later, Dylan admitted that he had made a mistake in judgment by employing a machine, and he intended to correct it right away. The injured party will, however, receive a refund as soon as possible, according to Dylan’s assurance.

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