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The 3 Biggest Bombs In Delphi Murder Records



The 3 Biggest Bombs in Delphi Murder Files

The unsolved case- Delphi Murders case is back in the headlines, but this time with some details. 

Delphi murder case includes teenagers, Abigail Williams and Liberty German. On February 14, 2017, the bodies of Abigail Williams aged 14 years old, and Liberty German aged 15 years old, were discovered near the Monon High Bridge Trail, from where they disappeared the previous day. 

3 Biggest Bombshells Found In The Delphi Murder Case of 2017

The authorities have been tight-lipped about the case since the beginning, but a video with an audio recording was released by them of who was believed to be the girl’s killer, found on Liberty’s smartphone. The case seemed to be easy because of the tips brought by the recordings but it is not. 

Police released a photograph from the recording of a Caucasian male, hands in pockets, head down, walking on the rail bridge towards the girl who was the prime suspect. 

The 3 Biggest Bombs in Delphi Murder Case File
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However, recently a suspect was taken into custody on October 26 and charged with two counts of murder on October 31. The suspect is a 50 years old man named Richard Allen, charged with double homicide. No affidavit for Allen’s arrest was released by the authorities until recently on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday, a judge unsealed a case file that revealed some details about how the investigation took place for the first time. The probable cause affidavit revealed- why the investigators believed that Allen is the man the girls recorded on the bridge and believed to be guilty.

This document shed new light on the case and what happened on the day of the murders. We have these three biggest bombshells in the Delphi Murders case- 

Unused Bullets

Investigators have found strong physical evidence between the victims’ bodies that is an Unused bullet. The affidavit documented that the bullet was unspent and had extraction marks on it. And the new revelation- that victims’ clothes were found in the creek, south of where their bodies were discovered. 

The filing reported that investigators searched Allen’s home, and they found knives and firearms, including a Sig Sauer, Model P226, .40-caliber pistol with serial number U 625 627. 

The filing gave the first probable cause as the state police laboratory performed forensic analysis on Allen’s pistol and found the unspent pistol had been cycled through Allen’s pistol. 

Allen was seen covered in blood near the crime

The affidavit disclosed that the investigators questioned people and found multiple witnesses who saw a man near the crime scene with similar descriptions as Allen and that of the man in the Down the hill recording.

One of them was a teenage girl who described him as a creepy man in a blue jacket and jeans walking toward the railroad bridge. Another girl said that he glared at her when she said hi to him. 

A hiker also claimed that he saw Allen covered in blood two hours after Liberty recorded the video. 

A woman also saw the man with the same description around 4pm walking away from the railroad bridge.

Authorities had their eyes on Allen

The affidavit revealed that investigators interviewed Allen in 2017 and he admitted that he was walking on the trail around the same time of the murder and that he saw three girls during his walk but did not speak with them. 

In October 2022 he again admitted the same that he went onto the Monon High to watch the fish then reversed directions, sat on the bench, and left the area. He claimed that he was wearing a blue or black jacket and jeans while his wife, Kathy, confirmed he still had a blue Carhartt jacket, knives, and guns in their home. 

Allen denied giving his pistol to anyone and said that he had nothing to do with Libby’s and Abby’s murders. 

The public is calling the case very weak and sharing their views online. 

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