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Putin Updates Anti-LGBTQ Legislation In Russia



Putin Updates Anti-LGBTQ Legislation In Russia

A bill has been passed by Russian president Vladimir Putin that has been responsible enough to expand the Ambit of anti-LGBTQ laws. According to the new law, it is illegal for anyone in the country to promote same-sex marriages.

No person or even an Association has the right to advance the normalcy of non-heterogeneous orientations. This law is recognized as a very harsh law on the rights of this community. It violates fundamental human rights, such as freedom of speech. 

What Is The Law About?

This law is the extension of the 2013 law which banned sharing of any information related to LGBTQ with minor children. According to the new law’s content and intention, this information cannot be shared even with adults.

Putin Updates Anti-LGBTQ Legislation In Russia

An individual in the country of Russia cannot discuss anything about this community or talk about legitimization. Any person who violates the law would be punished with fines and imprisonment. The intention is to deter the public from taking action against the government. 

The scope of this law is vast, and it seeks to include many activities within its Ambit. For instance, it is not even feasible for an individual to undergo gender transition. If a person does the contrary, then the status of citizenship would be withdrawn by the government, and a person will even crave fundamental human rights.

All the mediums of the Internet and social media platforms, including cinema and Advertising, have been included under this new law so that a complete ban on the exchange of information related to LGBTQ could be imposed. 


The law imposes a penalty of 6300 dollars on any legal or natural person who tries to indulge in the propaganda of the LGBTQ Community. Not only this but an additional fine of 3000 dollars will be imposed if any information is shared among the teenagers that encourage them to change their gender.

The penalties are probably 80000 and 64000 dollars if the violator is a legal entity. This shows the gravity of the situation and the stringency of the law that the Putin government has formed. 

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What Do People Say About This? 

This law has been considered to be a draconian law. It is against the nations of humanity and equality guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Apart from the general public, even the European Court of Human Rights has declared this law discriminatory.

It is responsible for promoting homophobia, and it is in direct contravention of different International treaties on human rights. Even the opposition is against this law. 

According to internal sources, it is believed that the Russian government has expanded the scope of this law to crush the Liberal values and free speech in Russia. It is nothing more than an attempt to create a unilateral government that is authoritarian as well.

The people have decided to protest against the government’s policies, but they still doubt the reaction. There is no scope for negotiation with the government, and retaliation is the only option available. But it will require considerable international support because the Russian government has enough resources to surface any kind of movement against itself. 


This is a clear violation of humanity, and all efforts must be made to reduce the same extent. It is important to note that the Russian government is taking every possible measure to control the citizens.

It will definitely result in a revolt and this will disturb the internal law and order of the country. This is definitely unwarranted. 

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