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Bryan Kohberger Update: Bryan Kohberger Could Face FIRING SQUAD



Bryan Kohberger Update Bryan Kohberger Could Face FIRING SQUAD...

Bryan Kohberger has allegedly murdered four victims who were studying at the University of Idaho. He is currently charged with quadruple homicide of ‌college students; if found guilty, he might face a firing squad.

Bryan Kohbeger is the only suspect in the murder of Kaylee Goncalves, 21; Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20. Bryan was a ph.d. student at Washington State University, who stabbed the four students at Idaho University to death on November 13, after breaking into their house in Moscow, Idaho.

The authorities arrested him from his family home, which was located 10 minutes away from the murder scene.

Bryan Kohberger Vs Firing Squad Establishment Bill

The parents of the victims are hoping for the death penalty for Bryan. It seems that their hopes may come true if he is found guilty on the trial. The recent developments suggest that he could face the firing squad instead of a lethal injection if found guilty.

Bryan Kohberger Could Face FIRING SQUAD

According to reports, for the past few years, many US courts have been struggling ‌to acquire chemicals to perform lethal injections on ‌suspects. Due to a lack of supplies, the execution of ‌double murderer Gerald Pizzuto jr has been called off, back in November and the court allowed his death warrant to expire.

To prevent the escape of these murderers, Republican state lawmakers Representative, Bruce Skaug has introduced a bill to recall ‌firing squads for execution in the state.

Skaug’s bill states that Department of Correction officials must determine that if lethal injection is not available for more than 5 days after the issue of the death warrant, then a firing squad should be used.

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However, the bill does not state what kind of firearms are and how they should be prosecuted. He mentioned the use of firing squads in other states like Utah, due unavailability of chemicals for lethal injection. Similar to Utah, Skaug hopes to bring back the old custom of execution, which he finds more humane than a lethal injection, with several victims having experienced pain during their last breath.

Death by firing was legal in Idaho from 1982 to 2009. It was then banned when Legislature removed it as an option. The last person to be killed by the firing squad was Convicted killer Ronnie Lee Gardner in 2010. This was before the law passed in Utah. 

The execution used to be done in ‌such a way that multiple police officers volunteered and only one gun used to be loaded so that the shooter remained anonymous in the firing.

However, if convicted, Bryan Kohberger will be subjected to being killed by the firing squad, if lethal injection is not available.

What Exactly Was Bryan Kohberger Charged With?

However, the motive for the killing has yet to be determined. The authorities found more than one photograph of one of the murdered students. Some of his friends determine his sudden phycological change might have triggered him to kill.

His former friends revealed that Bryan always wanted to be a cop despite his weight. He focused on losing weight by kickboxing and running in the evenings. Eventually, he became hyper-focused and developed an eating disorder that led him to be hospitalized.

They claimed that he developed an alpha-male personality and tries to portray boys being boys by grappling from behind and attempting headlocks even when the opposite person gets offended.

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At present, Bryan Kohberger is expected to enter a plea on the coming June 26. He is now being represented by Chief Public Defender Anne Taylor. Anne Taylor is one of the 13 public defenders selected by Idaho to lead a capital punishment case.

He is currently charged with four counts of murder and felony burglary. The defense as well as the prosecutors might have until the end of July to prove him not guilty or to officially pursue the death penalty, respectively.

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