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Jamie Cail Cause Of Death: What Really Happened To Her?



Jamie Cail Cause Of Death What Really Happened To Her

Former US swimming champion, Jamie Cail was announced dead on February 21 after she was found unresponsive by her boyfriend. The death of the retired athlete in the US Virgin Islands is being investigated by the police.

According to the statements released by the authorities, it was said that the 42-year-old swimming champion lives with her boyfriend on the island of St. John. It was reported that last Tuesday, after leaving a bar at midnight, he came to their home to check on her.

Upon arrival, he found her on the floor unresponsive, and with the help of a friend, he got her into a vehicle and took her to the Myrah Keating-Smith Community Health Center. Although she was given CPR‘, she couldn’t make it to life and was pronounced dead. As per the authorities, Cail ‘succumbed to her ailment’ and until now, the cause of her death isn’t revealed. 

Jamie Cail Cause Of Death

The sudden death of the young athlete in her early 40s shocked the fans as well as her colleagues. Cail, who was basically from Claremont, New Hampshire, was regarded as a swimming prodigy from her youth. She attended the college prep Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida which is known for its swimming programs.

Even today, most of her records in school stay the same and haven’t been achieved by any of her successors. The athlete has participated in numerous high school state championships in Huntington Beach, California. Later she shifted to the Golden West Swim Club,

In the 90s, during her high school days, she gained nationwide popularity as her team won the gold medal in the 800 free relays at the 1997 Pan Pacific Championships

Growing up, she got lucky enough to be a part of the 1998-99 World Aquatics Swimming World Cup held in Brazil and even as far lucky to win a silver medal in the 800 free being a member of the US Swimming National B Team. In the same year, it was stated that she had signed a purpose letter in order to swim at the University of Southern California. Also, for the 2000-01 season, she was a member of the swim team of the University of Maine.

After Jamie Cail’s death was reported, it was announced that the Criminal Investigation Bureau had taken over the case of the athlete’s sudden death as it was notified of a ‘dead on arrival’ at around 2.40 am by the authorities.

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After the news of her demise started spreading all over the internet, many former colleagues and friends of the ex-athlete have shown their heart-felt condolences through words and posts. 

Jooyoung Lee, a sociologist from the University of Toronto tweeted his shock after hearing the news and recalled the memories of the late athlete who was his teammate in high school. He recalled her unmatched work ethic and even added that she left everything in each practice and with her hard work, she became one of the world-class distance swimmers through grit. He concludes by wishing her soul peace.

As the investigation proceeds, Glen Dratte, a spokesperson for the Virgin Islands Police Department stated that the VIPD Criminal Investigations Bureau, Major Crimes Unit is waiting for the autopsy report of the athlete in order to decide the cause of her death which is still some mystery to the authorities and even the family. The autopsy report even includes a toxicology report as per the statements given out by the authorities. 

Several rumors regarding the sudden death of the former swimmer are swirling throughout the media since her boyfriend was sentenced to charges linked to the beating death of a 21-year-old tourist.

From the reports given out by top online forums, it is believed that the ex-swimming champion from New Hampshire was dating 34-year-old Kamal “Six Pack” Thomas from Georgia who had a criminal past. He was convicted in the 2007 death of James Cockayne, a man from Pennsylvania who was beaten to death outside a local bar in St. John.

As per the court records, the crime was reported as a first-degree murder and Thomas was relieved from the criminal count initially. Later he was found guilty and was sentenced to prison for eight years charged with assault and weapon charges.  

Since it was Thomas who saw Cail dead, the authorities doubt some discrepancies in her death and as a result are awaiting the autopsy reports. Cail after retiring from her career as a swimmer has been working as a coffee barista at a local coffee shop.  

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