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Mertcan Cakmak: Missing New York Boy, 12, Disappears Overnight



Mertcan Cakmak: Missing New York Boy, 12, Disappears Overnight

On March 13, 2023, a young boy of 12, Mertcan Cakmak, went missing from Farmingville. The Suffolk authorities only get to know the missing case hours later. As per the statements released by the police, the boy went missing before 6 am.

Mertcan Cakmak was spotted riding a bicycle by a family member for the last time and seemed to leave his home on Farmingville’s Waverley Avenue. Also, as to the reports, the boy must have left for the Bronx.

The police have released missing notices all over the city and asked for help from the public in spotting the missing boy. Mertcan Cakmak family stated that he could have left the house overnight on his bicycle. The case is carried over by Sixth Squad detectives and is currently searching for the 12-year-old boy.

As per the features announced by the authorities, the boy is five feet and five inches tall and weighs around 150 pounds. Cakmak has brown eyes and hair and was spotted wearing ripped jeans and a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt for the last time.

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Hours after the boy was reported missing, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison announced that the officials have released a new program that could handle missing cases. As per the program developed, numerous community ambassadors will be assigned the task of handling flyers throughout Suffolk County.

According to Laura Mullen, a Suffolk County local and survivor of human trafficking, the new search initiatives are very crucial. She even added that the County authorities are not only looking out for the recent missing cases but are also bringing back previous missing cases that are years old. She even commented that the initiative Suffolk County is taking up now must have been taken years ago so that they won’t have to go through many missing cases that still remain pending or unsolved.

She opened up that the old cases that are still unresolved and forgotten have become victims of human trafficking. As a survivor herself, Mullen disclosed that the culprits or criminals would drug you after making you their captives. Also, you remain in debt bondage with the criminals and end up locked in a basement in Central Islip for a weekend.

The Human Trafficking Survivors Advisory Board was co-founded by Mullen. According to Sean Beran, Deputy Inspector stated that they hold weekly reviews of missing person cases and always doubt that all these missing people are victims of human trafficking. He also added that it still remains an element and to fight this situation, a human trafficking unit has been formed and if needed then they’ll also be involved in the investigation.

Sean Beran even said that apart from Human Trafficking, people can go missing due to different reasons. And whatever the reason is, things are getting easier these days with the influence of social media. Through social media, the news gets spread fastly and it helps in locating missing persons sooner than in the old days. Also, he added that social media helps in bringing awareness to the public.

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