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Tristyn Bailey Parents: Mother Stacy Bailey, Father Forrest Bailey, And Sister Alexis Bailey



Tristyn Bailey Parents Mother Stacy Bailey, Father Forrest Bailey, And Sister Alexis Bailey

Tristyn Bailey, who was 13 years old at the time, called the county of St. Johns in Florida her home.

The cheerleader at Patriot Oaks Academy adored her throughout her time as a cheerleader there. It was claimed that Tristyn was a joyful and extroverted child when she was younger.

The tragic news of her passing on May 9, 2021, sparked a nationwide debate on the topic of violence against women and children and left her community in a state of mourning.

Tristyn Bailey Parents

Tristyn Bailey’s parents, Stacy and Forrest, hosted a memorial ceremony to honor their daughter’s life at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. The service was held in memory of Tristyn Bailey.

Despite the disbelief and sorrow that her family is experiencing as a result of her daughter’s untimely passing, the mother of the young woman, Stacy, has vowed to carry on her daughter’s legacy.

Tristyn Bailey Parents

Stacy said, “I was going to make her name shine above all the evil that has transpired” at the event. “I was going to make her name shine above all the evil that has happened.”

According to her description, Bailey “had a passion in her soul to be the best and always give 100 percent to reach her goals.”

Sarah and Forrest, together with the other members of their family, the Bailey 7, ascended the stage to express their thanks for the outpouring of love and support they had received after the death of their daughter. The Bailey 7 had been grieving the loss of their daughter for quite some time

Tristyn Bailey’s Mother Stacy Bailey

Stacy Bailey began by relating the story of how she and her husband had decided to stop having children before they discovered that Stacy was pregnant with their daughter Tristyn just before they relocated to Singapore.

Tristyn Bailey's Mother Stacy Bailey

They indicated that there was a possibility the child may be born with Down syndrome as well as a heart problem.

She continued by saying that time will show us that her heart was more resilient than most people’s. They shared an unbreakable bond that could not be broken.

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Since the death of her child, the woman has “watched the depression, the PTSD, and the worry take over so many.” She goes on to say, “I bear the burden of this each and every day.”

Tristyn Bailey’s Father Forrest Bailey

As Forrest Bailey finished expressing his gratitude to the community, he turned to Fucci.

In the statement that he made on February 6 as part of his guilty plea, he said, “I want to make it apparent, your bogus apology is not accepted.”

Tristyn Bailey's Father Forrest Bailey

As a matter of public record, “I have never seen any sign of regret on their part.”

He reported that the family is making an effort to move forward despite the fact that there are no answers. “Just take a deep breath… but this is not going away,” he advised, but he was wrong.

Tristyn Bailey’s Sister Alexis Bailey

Alexis Bailey, Tristyn’s older sister, made a dramatic speech in the courtroom in which she symbolized the number of stab wounds her sister sustained by placing 114 stones of an aquamarine color into a jar.

The stones were dropped into the jar one by one. In addition, she questioned Fucci about the specifics of Tristyn’s final moments, namely whether or not the latter screamed for help, begged for her life, or was left to fend for herself. She wanted to know which of these things occurred.

What Happened To Tristyn Bailey?

Because Bailey’s family in St. Johns, Florida had not seen her since the early hours of that day, they made the decision to file a missing person’s report for her on Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

Her body was discovered in the woods close to her house by a neighbor who lived in Durbin Crossing.

According to a statement that was released by Florida State Attorney RJ Larizza on Thursday, May 27, Bailey was stabbed 114 times, with 49 of those wounds occurring in her hands and arms. Bailey was found on May 27.

Tristyn Bailey

Larizza claims that Bailey “fought for her life” and that she acquired those wounds while defending herself against her attacker.

Tristyn Bailey, whose body was located in a pond after having been stabbed 114 times, Tristyn Bailey, whose body had been stabbed 114 times, was found dead in a pond.

According to a post on Facebook, Aiden Fucci, who is 14 years old and a classmate of Fucci’s at Patriot Oaks Academy, was taken into custody by the Juvenile Justice Department on May 10 after being arrested on the same day.

Larizza did not wish to comment on whether or not Bailey had been sexually abused during the commission of the murder.

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In addition, he stated unequivocally that the murder weapon was a folding buck knife that was discovered in the pond close to the body of Bailey.

He claimed that the knife was “lacking a tip,” which the authorities later determined to be embedded in the victim’s head.

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