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Chloe Denman: Kirra Hart Attack Video Girl Stabbed At Sleepover



Chloe Denman Kirra Hart Attack Video Girl Stabbed At Sleepover

A series of crimes, including brutal attacks on teenagers, were being reported in the media for the past couple of years. As years go on, the number of crimes is only increasing, and a similar one had recently gone viral on social media. 

On Monday, 16 March 2023, a video was circulating in the media featuring two girls who seemed to beat up another girl. As the video went viral, people started investigating more about the incident, comprehending its seriousness.

The video circulated on every social media platform and captured global attention. Later, as people began searching for the source of the video, it was identified that the victim was a 13-year-old girl from Queensland, Australia. 

Who Is Kirra Hart? What Happened To Her?

Kirra Hart, a thirteen-year-old girl from Tewantin, Queensland, Australia, was the one who got brutally abused by some girls whom she believed as her friends. The girls in the viral video invited Kirra for a sleepover on Monday, 16 March 2023, luring her into their trap. Kirra, unaware of what was waiting for her, went to their house happily but never returned the same.

Chloe Denman: Kirra Hart Attack

Upon reaching the place, she was dragged by her hair and tortured for several hours. Rhynisha Grech and Chloe Denman are the girls in the video who abused Kirra. Both these girls slapped and kicked her and stabbed Kirra using a knife continuously. 

People who saw the heartless act of the two teenagers, who were reportedly around 12 – 14 years old, were in disbelief at how someone of this age could do such deeds to one of their colleagues. 

Kirra is known for her kind personality and her love for animals. Although the video went viral within a short time, authorities are still unaware of the motive behind the act. The young girl was kicked and even stabbed using a knife, and from the video, people could hear her screaming from pain and begging the girls to stop attacking. The girls continued their violence toward the poor girl without any mercy. 

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What Is The Current Health Condition Of Kirra Hat?

After hours of torture, Kirra was eventually allowed to leave. Her parents found Kirra in terrible condition with a swollen face and bleeding wounds. Kirra was fully covered in blood and taken to the hospital immediately since some of her injuries were deep. After examination, the doctors reported that the girl’s nose got broken, and due to the severity of the deep cuts, she had to undergo surgery and is currently under observation. 

Chloe Denman: Kirra Hart Attack Video Girl Stabbed At Sleepover

Rhynisha Grech and Chloe Denman, the two criminals and masterminds behind this vicious crime, were said to have been charged. They are reported to have been charged with assault and recording video of a person without consent. Also, the video that they shot was shared on social media without knowing the impact of the deeds they have done toward a young girl. 

Kirra is going through a hard time, both physically and mentally. She is recovering from her injuries but is struggling with her mental health since she had gone through a very difficult situation at a very young age.

Also, she might be broken inside out since such deeds happened from people whom she believed as her friends. The incident could have impacted her mentally, and because of this, she is still under observation. 

Public Reacted To Kirra Hart Basing Video

People who watched the video are of the opinion that the culprits deserve jail and must be punished like adults without considering their age. Some even say that if these girls are let out without being charged, then similar cases will follow in the future.

The video went viral globally and caught the attention of people all around the globe. All those who witnessed the brutal act are in shock and many debates are going on about the act of the three heartless girls toward a girl just like them.

Politicians and many other personalities in society commented that the three girls involved in the crime deserve adult punishments for an adult criminal offense. They even added that they should learn what they did to the poor girl and must be punished harshly. 

As more people started reacting to the video, the Queensland police launched an investigation into the incident. Although the video has gone viral, the motive behind such an inhuman act is still unrevealed. Further updates on the case will be disclosed in the coming days as authorities have started investigating the crime. 

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