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Anna Matthews Suicide: What Happened To Her?



Anna Matthews Suicide What Happened To Her

Canon Anna Matthews, a Vicar of St. Bene’t’s in the heart of Cambridge, died at the age of 44. The diocese of Ely announced the news on Wednesday, 08 March 2023. Although her death was confirmed, the cause of her death was unknown until Sunday. On 12 March, they confirmed that the 44-year-old vicar committed suicide. Buy why? The question still remains unsolved even though it’s been days. 

Who Was Anna Matthews?

Canon Anna Matthews was a priest at St. Bene’t’s and served as the diocese’s head of ordinands from 2012 to 2019. Prior to her decision to become a priest and take over the priestly preparation at Westcott House, Matthews completed her theological studies at Robinson College in Cambridge.

Anna Matthews Suicide: What Happened To Her?

Anna Matthews accepted her ordination in 2003, served her curacy at St. Lawrence’s in Abbots Langley, and worked as Canon Precentor at St. Albans Cathedral for about six years. Canon Matthews had served at St Bene’t’s for around ten years.  

According to Canon Matthews’s spiritual director and the Reverend Dr. Mark Oakley, Dean of Chapel, St John’s College, Matthews was a faithful parish priest, a more loving friend, a more attentive confessor and guide, a more effective preacher, a more Christian Christian, faithful, more authentic, integrated, compassionate human being. He added that she took over the solemn work with great purpose and intent, prayerfully, and with some cost.

And she did this not only for herself but also for everyone around her. Oakley commented that as a Spiritual Director, it was his duty to help people to see themselves from the inside out. Also, to look at their inner scars and potential. And by doing so, he must be able to change full stops into commas. But in the case of Matthews, he could do well, which might have led to a deadly loss they encountered at the time. 

During the sermon preached by Oakley for Matthews, he started by stating that this was never a sermon he ever thought he would preach. From his words, it is clear that the two met here after she joined as the Vicar of St Benet’s. He even mentioned that her spiritual life as a priest and as an ordinary person was as dutiful and attentive as her day-to-day ministry and friendships. She is remembered as a strong, wise, funny, formidable, prayerful, private, insightful, sharp, clever, teasing, and inspiring woman. 

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What Happened To Anna Matthews?

Anna Matthews, the late Vicar of St Benet’s, was reported dead by the diocese of Ely. And days later, it was confirmed that the vicar took her own life at home, but why? This question still remains haunted in everyone’s heart. 

According to the statement announced by The Bishop of Ely, the Rt Revd Stephen Conway, it was stated that Anna Matthews passed away suddenly and tragically on Wednesday at her home. They even asked everyone to pray for the family, friends, and close ones of the late vicar to give them strength while going through a terrible phase of their lives. 

As per the statement released on the website of St Benet’s, it was stated that the officials are waiting for the findings of the coroner’s report to know more about the facts behind her sudden death. Also, after the reports are released, a further elaborated investigation will be carried out on her suicide along with an inquest. They even reported that all these would take many weeks. Until then, they asked everyone to pray for the soul of the vicar as it departed from earth. 

At a sermon held on Sunday, a eucharist was sermonized by the Dean of Chapel, at St John’s College, Canon Mark Oakley. He was Anna’s spiritual director as well as a friend. 

Stephan, Matthews’s husband, announced on Sunday: “Even as Anna fell, God lifted her. She was shining in the light of the resurgence as the wound that overwhelmed her fell away along with her body. So, I pray to merciful God with the hope that she was spared absolute despair. And in death she was sanctified and resurrected with Christ, rising in his glory.”

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