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Who is Marian L? Son Kept His Mother’s Corpse For 13 Years



Who is Marian L Son Kept His Mother’s Corpse For 13 Years

A son’s distress led him to dig up his mother’s grave and bring her body home, where it was mummified and then placed on a couch in front of the television.

The son now faces criminal charges for his actions.

The terrible discovery was made when the man’s brother-in-law, from whom he had become estranged, paid the 76-year-old resident of the southwest Poland village of Radlin a visit at his home.

After seeing him wandering around outside while “looking mad,” the sister’s brother made the decision to seek medical assistance.

Marian L Kept Mother’s Corpse For 13 Years

The Polish community of Radlin is home to a citizen named Marian L who is 76 years old.

He dug up the grave of his mother, excavated her body, mummified it, and then kept it on his couch for a total of thirteen years before he finally threw it away.

Marian L Kept Mother's Corpse For 13 Years

For the same crime, he is currently facing jail time.

After observing Marian “looking mad” as she was walking outside, Marian’s brother-in-law called 911 to report that she needed immediate medical assistance.

They found the mummified body sitting on a couch with a pile of newspapers from 2009 on top of it when they arrived at the residence.

According to the information provided by the local media, Marian L. was a reclusive individual whose neighbors did not even know who he was.

It is probable that Marian L., who lives less than 300 meters from the cemetery, rode his bicycle home with the body. His residence is less than 300 meters from the cemetery.

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“We received a notification regarding the disclosure of the body from a family member of the apartment’s owner,” said the spokeswoman for the police department, Malgorzata Koniarska.

The officers headed to Rogozina Street in Radlin. Within the area of the house that belonged to the elderly guy, a body that had been mummified was found.

The district prosecutor’s office was represented by Joanna Smorczewska, who stated, “According to the DNA content, the mummified body is that of Jadwiga L., who passed away in January 2010, and is therefore Marian L.’s mother.”

It has been established that Jadwiga L.’s grave, in which she was laid to rest on January 16, 2010, is currently devoid of any occupants.

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It is quite possible that the man unearthed and mummified the body of the mother shortly after her burial, and that the body has been in this house since 2010.”

The head of the office of the district prosecutor, Marcin Felsztyski, made the following statement:

“Everything indicates that the individual employed chemicals to mummify the body.” There was a whiff of mothballs that could be picked up.

On the other hand, it was said that the body was in “Perfect Condition.” The remains of his mother are going to be reinterred.

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