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Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting Video: Kills 2 Peoples & Injures 5 Others



Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting Video Kills 2 Peoples & Injures 5

According to reports, two individuals were killed and a number of others were hurt in a shooting outside Yo Gotti’s Prive restaurant in Memphis.

In the video, the altercation that occurred on Wednesday night takes place in a crowded corridor within the Prive restaurant. The conflict appears to be centered around two men, one wearing a red jacket and the other wearing a blue one.

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There is a tense standoff between five to eight people when the man in red rams into the entire group, and someone throws a drink… and then there is complete and utter anarchy.

The man with the blue jacket was in fact using crutches, but he gave them to a woman before getting involved in the altercation… When the man in red had been pushed to the floor, the assailant continued to hurl punch after punch at him and then slammed a chair on top of his head.

The security personnel appear to be making an effort to separate the combatants, but the brawl continues outdoors in the parking lot… where the video begins with one man having already been shot to death, and the man in blue is shown hopping on one foot while yelling at those who are watching.

Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting Video

After then, he starts shooting with what seems to be a semi-automatic weapon, and he hits a man dressed in all black multiple times.

The video shows him limping away from the scene as two bodies are lying on the pavement outside the building.

As we previously reported, two persons were found to be deceased, and law enforcement officials have informed us that they are continuing their search for suspects. We are aware that Yo Gotti was not present at the restaurant; in fact, according to the information that we have, he was not even in Memphis at the time.

We have reached out to his team for comment in hopes of gaining some insight into the events that led up to the fight.

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