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Liam Taylor: The Man Killed His Girlfriend Ailish Walsh With A Pair Of Scissors



Liam Taylor The Man Killed His Girlfriend Ailish Walsh With A Pair Of Scissors

When his pregnant girlfriend was trying to leave their relationship, the boyfriend fatally slashed her forty times with a pair of scissors, which ultimately led to her death.

After what was described as an “exceptionally brutal” assault, she was found on December 15 at her apartment on Rectory Road in Hackney, which is located in east London.

When some time passed, the victim’s father saw his daughter lying face down and drenched in blood.

She was carrying the defendant’s bank card in a high-visibility jacket that she was wearing at the time.

The area also contained the discovery of two dumbbells and a pair of bloodied scissors.

In the security film, a person named Taylor, who lives in the Hornsey neighborhood of north London, can be seen entering the building at 20:36 GMT and leaving through the public door at 21:14 GMT.

Who Is Liam Taylor?

Liam Taylor, who was 37 years old and Ailish Walsh’s lover, was also responsible for her brutal murder.

Liam admitted to the murder of Walsh during his appearance at an Old Bailey hearing on Monday.

The Man Killed His Girlfriend Ailish Walsh With A Pair Of Scissors

After that, he abandoned the pregnant woman who already had four children to fend for herself in her bedroom, where her husband eventually found her and helped her.

After stabbing his companion, Taylor told the detectives, “It’s crazy how one moment of madness can alter your entire life.”.

Ailish’s friend contacted him five minutes before the victim left, and in the background of the call, they could hear Ailish and the victim arguing and shouting at each other.

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The court was told that she got in touch with Ailish when she sent her a hasty text message as she was attempting to kick Taylor out of the property in Stoke Newington because he was high on drugs.

After some time had passed, Ailish’s father came home and found his daughter lying still and covered in blood in her bedroom.

The following morning, Taylor was taken into custody without incident right at his apartment. At that very moment, he was high on cocaine and alcohol, in addition to cannabis and alcohol.

It has been stated that Taylor has a history of physically assaulting female members of his family.

After serving a year in prison for hitting his mother with a metal pole, he was cautioned for head-butting his sister, who was 16 at the time of the incident.

Taylor, who had previous convictions for aggression against women, confesses to killing Miss Walsh, as her father and brother both observed from the courtroom well. Taylor had previous convictions for the murder of another woman.

According to the statement made by the prosecutor Paul Casey, an exhaustive autopsy has not yet been performed, and Taylor may be charged with child destruction based on the information regarding the gestation period.

On May 10, the Old Bailey will review the case again in order to decide when the sentence will be handed down.

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