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Lucy Dee: Father Of West Bank Shooting Victims Speaks After Wife Dies In Hospital



Lucy Dee Father Of West Bank Shooting Victims Speaks After Wife Dies In Hospital

, a 45-year-old mother of five, has surrendered to death after fighting for life for the past couple of days.

Lucy, who has been in a coma since the attack happened on Friday, was reported dead a day after the funeral of the two girls. 

The two Israeli-British sisters were killed in the Northern West Bank on Friday, April 7, 2023, while traveling with their mother, who was also critically wounded from the attack.

Although she has undergone some surgery, she had been in a coma and was ventilated in the intensive care unit.

Days after the girls’ death, their mother, Lucy, was also confirmed dead by the hospital authorities due to the severity of the wounds that she had from the terrific attack.

West Bank Shooting

Lucy’s two daughters, Maia(20) and Rina Dee(15), who were British citizens were killed in an attack on Friday.

The trio was traveling in a car for their family holidays, and their car was shot by a suspected Palestinian gunman.

West Bank Shooting

The car crashed after losing control, and the gunman went up to the car and started firing at the women from close.

Initially, the attack was mistaken as a car collision until the officials found the bullet traces in the car, and the trio was attacked.

The mother and daughters were driving in the Jordan Valley in the northern West Bank while they were on their way on family holidays. 

Rabbi Leo Dee, Lucy’s husband, spoke in a press conference after his wife gave up to death after the surgery.

He said how his family of seven has now become a family of four within just a couple of days. Dee was speaking at a press conference held at the Erfat Settlement about the loss that he has faced in the last few days.

He stated that his daughters were stuck with twenty bullets from a Kalashnikov rifle, and his wife was shot twice, one in the head and the other in the spine.

Dee mentioned the day which changed his whole life upside down. He along with the rest of the family was driving a little far from the late mother and daughters.

The Heartbreaking Accident

Rabbi Leo Dee only came to know about the accident after one of his daughters identified their car from a picture shared on her Instagram. The car had a hole and the baggage in it was fully covered in blood.

The Heartbreaking Accident

He said that after recognizing something wrong has happened with his family, he drove like a madman to the scene. He identified his daughter Maia after an officer showed him an identity card of hers. 

He was heartbroken while explaining all these to the media. Dee said that he went numb after seeing the scene and never cried, rather he drove to the hospital where his wife was airlifted.

Lucy was stuck twice and the bullets were removed from her brain stem and spine. He said that he had hoped for her recovery after the surgery, but unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to life. 

While speaking in the press conference, he mentioned his wife and two daughters as ‘three beautiful innocent young ladies in the prime of their lives.’ he even urged those who gathered there to post images of the Israeli flag on their social media in the memory of the young ladies who lost their lives in the hands of suspected Palestinian gunman. 

The Dee family was settled in the United Kingdom beforehand and it’s been only around nine years since the family moved to Israel in 2014.

Rabbi Dee served as a senior rabbi at Radlett United Synagogue in Hertfordshire and assistant rabbi in Hendon, north London. 

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After the news went viral, tributes were pouring on the departed souls of the young girls, and their mother who passed away a day after their funeral.

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