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Who is Lilia Patricia Cardozo? All About Colombian Women’s Rights Activists Attacked With Acid



Who is Lilia Patricia Cardozo All About Colombian Women’s Rights Activists Attacked With Acid.

On Monday, April 12, 2023, Lilia Patricia Cardozo, a women’s rights activist, was attacked in Colombia’s northwestern Boyaca region. She was attacked while taking a walk at some local park by an unknown person who still remains unidentified. As of the recent reports released, the authorities are proceeding with the investigation and are in search of the attacker.

With the news spreading viral, people are looking forward to learning more about the activist who has become a victim of a brutal attack. Here’s all that you need to know about Lilia Patricia Cardozo.

Who Is Lilia Patricia Cardozo?

Cardozo is a women’s rights activist and founder of Plataforma Feminista Boyacense (Boyacense Feminist Platform), a Non-governmental organization that works on ending all kinds of outbreaks of violence women face these days. 

The organization mainly focuses on domestic violence, gender abuse, and bigotry in the workspace or public, and even works in retrieving victims of abuse from the abusers or any such situations. 

Lilia Patricia Cardozo

She was very much active in such activities, which affected her badly in her personal life. Because of her actions, she was often targeted by groups or individuals against whom she worked.

Also, Lilia Patricia Cardozo has received numerous death threats since last year and in order to protect her, the country’s National Protection Unit has arranged a security protocol which came into action only last September. 

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What Happened To The Colombian Women’s Rights Activists?

From the statement released by Plataforma Feminista Boyacense on their official Facebook, it was stated that Lilia Patricia Cardozo was attacked while she was walking at a local park.

An unidentified person was said to have thrown a chemical substance at Cardozo who is still under medical observation at the San Rafael de Tunja University Hospital.

As per the statement from the NGO’s statement, Lilia Patricia Cardozo has suffered injuries on the left part of her face. The doctors stated that the chemical substance used for the attack has affected around 4% of her body, mainly her face and chest areas. 

Was Lilia Patricia Cardozo Attacked Earlier?

As a person who works actively for the betterment of a vulnerable community, it is quite natural for one to get attacked or become a target of attacks and threats.

Just like that, as a person who not only aids women but rather, fights for their rights, it is very much sure that Cardozo would get attacked by those people whom she has put behind the bars.

The attack that happened seems nothing different from what she has predicted before. She was attacked by someone who still remains unknown for the good that she has done to protect others. Although Cardozo has received numerous death threats, there were no incidents reported until the recent one. 

Since she has received numerous threats, the National Protection United has approved a safety protocol in order to provide security for her life.

Although the protocol was initiated in September 2022, Tunja’s Mayor Alejandro Funeme remarked that the security protocol was executed only in February 2023 due to a lack of funds.

With the incident becoming more serious, the NGO and other such organizations in the country are blaming Tunja’s local authorities for their sluggish response in activating the protocol that costs the life of someone like Cardozo.

The NGO even stated that femicide has been considered a serious issue in Columbia. As of the records, around 612 women were murdered in Columbia in 2022 because of their gender.

When compared to the murder rate from the previous years, the percentage has risen by 10% and it is estimated that the increase in number is because of the social isolation that the country faced during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

As per Human Rights Watch, Columbia has been considered one of the most dangerous places for human rights activists. Since 2016 more than 500 human rights activists were murdered in the country alone. 

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