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Justin Pearson’s Wife: Everything About Pearson’s Fiancé Oceana Gillian



Justin Pearson’s Wife Everything About Pearson’s Fiancé Oceana Gillian

Justin Pearson was the second youngest Tennesee House of Representative when he was appointed into office at the age of 28, only to be expelled after taking part in a protest of gun violence that took place in The Convent School in Nashville, which resulted in the death of three nine-year-old children.

The expulsion of the young lawyer, along with three others, became an outrage in the state as hundreds of supporters marched toward ‌the Shelby County Board to restore his position.

He was reinstated to his position after six days after his expulsion by a vote. On 12 April, he was reappointed to the Tennesse House following voting by the Shelby County Board of Commissioners.

Upon his reinstatement, a vibrant crowd greeted Pearson outside as he gave a roaring and moving speech in the presence of his fiance, Oceana Gillian, his mother, and four siblings.

While Justinn made ‌the headlines in ‌local and state-owned newspapers, the public was keen to realize that he was engaged.

Justin’s reappointment pumped the netizens. All the Democratic followers feel that Justin is on the right track with his policies, and that’s why the opposition is putting obstacles in his way.

As of now, Pearson is expecting to be re-sworn in to serve in the legislature.  However, the reappointment of Justin and the other two officials is a blowback to ‌Republicans who voted for them to expel them at the first stage.

The Support From Justin Pearson’s Wife

Coming ‌back to the topic, as the crowd is already moved by the decision of the Board Members, several followers of Justin Pearson are eager to know more about his personal life.

The heartfelt tweet is a reply to the Mother Jones tweet, where Justin Pearson expresses his gratitude for his soon-to-be wife’s unwavering support and love.

The Support From Justin Pearson's Wife

In the video, Justin’s beautiful and supportive fiance Oceana Gillian can be seen supporting him in this scene.

She went on to say that it was a shock to learn that a few Republicans had expelled him for being too progressive.

She added that nothing could stop her from bringing the truth to light and that she would keep fighting until justice was served, no matter the cost.

Oceana’s support for his finance has sparked the internet. A lot of people are looking for more details about Justin’s wife, Oceana.

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Since Oceana has not been in the spotlight like his fiance, there is very little information about her. However, we have carefully extracted only genuine and authentic information about Oceana Gillian.

Who Is Oceana Gillian?

‌28-year-old Justin Pearson has been engaged to his loving fiance, Oceana Gillian, who has expressed ultimate support for the Tenneese-based politician. Oceana is an avid supporter of his political career.

Justin has been very private about his personal life. He has not disclosed any information regarding his fiance.

The politician has always been highly focused on his career. In all the interviews, he talks about the progress of the state and its citizens.

From his perspective, it is ideal not to talk about his personal life as they are more crucial things to discuss happening in the United States of America.

We found out that Gilian’s social media account does not reveal much about his personal life. It is unclear what profession she expertizes in.

For now, we assume that she is running back-to-back to political offices in order to support his fiance, Justin’s stance in the political field.

Due to her lack of public appearance, it is unclear what her personal and professional background is.

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