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Anthony Duran: 10-Year-Old Boy Dead After Fight At Merced Trampoline Park



Anthony Duran Death 10-Year-Old Boy Dies After A Fight, Cause Of Death

Anthony Duran, a child of 10 years old, passed away as a result of the injuries he had on Thursday night after he was discovered unconscious inside a trampoline park in the state of California.

The 10-year-old boy was reportedly playing basketball before getting into a minor argument with another child and passing out, as reported by the police.

People are curious to learn more about the tragic event that occurred in front of thirty-five witnesses, which involved the passing of a youngster who was ten years old. Continue scrolling down the page to learn more about the unfortunate event.

Anthony Duran Death

According to the authorities, Anthony Duran, age 10, passed away after being involved in a fight with another child at a trampoline park in Merced. The second child was also a juvenile.

Anthony Duran Death

According to a news release issued by the Merced Police agency, the agency was informed on Monday that Anthony Duran, age 10, had passed away as a result of injuries he sustained on April 13 as a result of an incident that occurred at the Rockin’ Jump trampoline park in Merced.

According to the authorities, witnesses told them they saw Duran get into a brief argument with another child while they were both playing basketball inside the establishment. The incident reportedly resulted in Duran passing out, and the other youngster raced away from the scene on foot, according to the police.

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Anthony Duran Death Cause: How Did He Die?

According to eyewitness accounts, Anthony Duran was playing basketball in the park when he got into a fight with another child, which resulted in him passing out and causing witnesses to call for help. The other child who was fighting ran away from the scene of the altercation.

Anthony Duran Death Cause

Anthony Duran received cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from bystanders at the site who remained there until emergency personnel arrived.

The police stated that once they discovered him unconscious at the site, they sent him to a nearby hospital, where he was reportedly receiving medical attention at the time of their report. However, after receiving therapy, he was unable to pull through and live.

It has been revealed that the child died as a result of a physical altercation that took place at the trampoline park with another child of the same age.

The Aftermath Of The Tragic Death

The name of the child who took part in the fight has not been made public at this time for privacy reasons.

It is believed that the incident occurred by accident, and the child who engaged in the physical altercation with Anthony might not be subject to any penalty owing to their young age of 10 years old.

In spite of this, the police are still conducting an investigation into the matter, and they have enlisted the assistance of everyone who was at the park at the time of the occurrence.

According to relatives of the family, they have not yet seen the security tape about the incident, but they are interested in doing so. The family is now demanding that justice be served.

In order to lend assistance to Anthony Duran’s family at this trying time, a fundraising page on GoFundMe has been established in their honor. The mother of Anthony is a nurse. She has made the decision to give his organs to someone who is in need of them.

According to the police, the other adolescent who was involved in the altercation has been identified, and during the course of the inquiry, detectives have been in touch with the child’s parents.

According to the announcement, investigators from the Merced Police Department are continuing to collaborate with members of the medical staff and the Merced County Coroner’s Office in order to identify the circumstances behind Anthony Duran’s passing.

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