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Who Is Richard Glossip, Murder Convict? Is He Still Alive? 



Who Is Richard Glossip, Murder Convict Is He Still Alive 

Richard Eugene Glossip or Richard Glossip is an American prisoner who is currently on death row at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary and has already taken his last meal three times by now. On Thursday, a court of appeals in Oklahoma affirmed Richard Glossip’s murder conviction.

As of the current reports, the death row inmate will be executed on May 19, even though the state attorney general displayed considerations about testimony and proof.

Glossip’s case has caught international attention since it is entirely different from all those murder convictions the public has ever heard of.

The court denied his appeal to eliminate his murder conviction in connection to the death of his boss that transpired in 1997. As the 60-year-old is going to have his last meal again, people are much concerned about his life. 

Who Is Richard Glossip?

Richard Glossip is an American murderer who currently serves his death row at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Unlike other murderers and serial killers, Glossip isn’t the same. He became popular because of the unusual nature of his crime. Not only that he is famous in his country, but he has caught international attention, even now, for a crime that transpired in 1997. 

Who Is Richard Glossip

In reference to the crime, the 60-year-old man has been sentenced to death three times until last year and has had his last meal all this time. And a court that adjoined Thursday has again ordered the execution of him on May 19. 

For all these years, he has been serving the death penalty, and as of the reports, the court and the officials haven’t got hands on any proof or evidence that claims him as the murderer. The only evidence that exists against him is the claim made by the murderer himself. 

As the case caught international attention, people all over the place voted to free him from prison claiming that he could be innocent. The public refused to believe that Richard Glossip was the brain behind this horrific act done by a drug addict.

The public is of the opinion that the murderer, Justin Sneed could have dragged Glossip’s name into the case in order to avoid his death penalty. 

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What Was The Incident That Led To The Death Penalty?

Richard Glossip who has been serving imprisonment for about two decades by now was accused of a murder that transpired in 1997. During this time, he along with the murderer Justin Sneed was serving at the Best Budget Inn in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Inn was owned by Van Treese and Sneed was a maintenance man over there. Richard Glossip, who has served as the manager, was the one who brought changes to the inn which was initially a place meant for prostitution and drug dealing. 

On January 7, 1997, it was reported that the owner of the inn was killed by Sneed who beat him to death with a baseball bat.

The incident took place in Oklahoma City and while investigating the case, Sneed confessed to the police in order to avoid the death penalty. He told them that Richard Glossip was the one who instructed him to murder their owner. 

Glossip held on to his innocence and refused to accept the plea bargain. A year later, he was sentenced to death for the first time.  

Is He Still Alive? 

Although Richard Glossip has taken his last meal about three times over these two decades, he is still alive. He has been serving behind the bars for about twenty-six years even though everyone clearly knows his innocence.

Even the court has failed to provide any proof or evidence against the former motel manager. 

Richard Glossip’s death execution was bypassed three times since those dates ended with either redemptions or stays of execution. But unfortunately, earlier this year, the court again fixed May 19 as his execution date. 

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