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Who Is Justin Giambanco? Palm Bay Murderer As ‘Pure Evil’, Where Is He Now?



Dale Meeks

A 31 year old suspect with an extensive criminal history was charged with a murder of a 69 year old Palm Bay man. The Palm Bay Police released the news on Saturday. 

On April 20, the chief officers received a call reporting the death of a man who was found deceased at the 2700 block of Palm Drive around 7 p.m.

Upon arrival at the crime scene, the man was located at his residence and the police even found evidence proving that the man died of homicide.

As the case got more media attention, people are searching for more about the suspect who is called ‘pure evil’ by the authorities. Here’s all that you need to know about the 31 year old suspect who has a vast criminal history.

Who Is Justin Giambanco?

Giambanco is a 31 year old criminal who was called by the authorities as ‘Pure Evil’ because of his criminal history.

Who Is Justin Giambanco Palm Bay Murderer As ‘pure evil’, Where Is He Now

He has been serving in the prison for a long time in connection to the series of previous crimes that he has committed throughout his life. And it was during this time, he has been connected by the Palm Bay police with another crime that transpired lately last week. 

On Thursday, Giambanco was accused of brutally murdering a 69 year old Palm Bay man. Prior to committing this crime, he served 18 months of a 53 month prison sentence.

After getting out of prison, he has been reported breaking into homes in the Palm Bay neighborhood. 

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As the man has been continuing to commit crimes even after being punished for so long, the authorities suggest that the career felon shouldn’t have been released from prison at first considering the seriousness of his violent history. 

Chief Mario Augello of the police department stated Giambanco is pure evil. In a press conference, Augello stated that the 31 year old culprit is a violent repeat offender and has gotten out of prison on bond for a previous arrest.

Upon his release, he has been committing heinous crimes against the citizens of Brevard County. Augello even added that people or criminals like him are one of the greatest examples of how the current criminal justice system fails in securing society. 

What Happened To The 61 Year Old Man From Palm Bay?

As per the statement from the Police Chief, it was reported that they received a call reporting the death of an adult who was found dead at his home. Within minutes, their team dispatched to the 2700 block of Palm Drive on April 20 around 7 p.m. upon receiving the call. 

Chief Mario Augello

After reaching the location, they found the dead man and even said that they had got evidence that made it easy for them to predict that the adult man had been a victim of a homicide. 

The authorities stated that they collected some evidence from the crime scene which indicated their way to the culprit. This evidence was directly linked to the 31-year old culprit, which made their job easy.

As they finalized that Giambanco was the one behind the crime, the authorities turned over to the prosecution.

What Happened To Giambanco, And Where Is He Now?

Giambancoi has been arrested by the authorities after he was proven as the one behind the homicide of a 61 year old man.

The culprit was already accused of 22 felony and 24 misdemeanor charges on his rap sheet. 

From the court documents, it was reported that the suspect was accused of second degree slaying with a firearm, false detention, grand heist of a firearm, and custody of a firearm by a prisoner.

The police stated that, besides the brutal killing, he has also been a suspect of numerous burglaries that have been transpired within the county.  

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