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Bella Fontenelle Father Michael Fontenelle: All About The Grieving Dad



Tragedy struck Fontenelle’s family when the younger child of the family Bella Fontenelle was found dead inside a 10-gallon bucket in front of the lawn of her biological mother on April 26, 2023.

Tragic Death Of Bella Fontenelle

Bella Fontenelle is now survived by her mother, father, and seven-year-old sister. It is unknown if both girls are biologically related.

The horrific incident has become the talk of the town as well as several media has been trying to cover the brutal killing of the six-year-old daughter.

Bella Fontenelle

As the incident came to light several internet users expressed their concern to the father and the rest of the family.

An official investigation was conducted and the Jefferson police officers found out that Bella Fontenelle died of severe multiple injuries. No cause of death has been disclosed as the toxicology report was not documented.

Up on investigation, the police found a disturbing video shot by one of the neighbors, which helped them to apprehend the killer before the suspect went loose.

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Who Was The Killer Of Bella Fontenelle?

The police officers suspect Bella’s stepmother, Hannah Landon is the killer. Michael Fontenelle was the father of Bella Fontenelle as well as boyfriend of the Hanah Landon who allegedly killed her boyfriend’s six-year-old daughter.

Hannah Landon The Killer Of Bella Fontenelle

Investigators believe that the victim was brutally killed at her father’s home on Tuesday night. Although, they were not clear how the murder was carried out.

The raising concerns rose only the next day after Michael Fontenell reported Bella and Landon missing.

Officers found the remains of the six-year-old after they followed a disturbing video clip of Hannah Landon carrying a 10-gallon bucket in the streets. Ken Livaudais shot the video and handed it over to the officers.

In the video, Hannah can be seen wearing an orange shirt-like top and black pants stuffed inside a white cowboy boot. The footage shows, Hannah, dragging a 10-gallon chlorine bucket toward Bella Fontenelle’s mother’s house in a wagon.

Several other neighbors also witnessed the troubling incident and told the media outlet that she had no humanity left in her. They added that it feels inhuman to take out the life of a six-year-old.

Hannah Landon Arrested

Upon the revelation of the footage, Hannah Landon was nowhere to be found. However, the police found her at a local hospital after she reportedly went to a police station and was later sent to doctors for an evaluation.

It is unclear why she appeared at the hospital. There could be the possibility that Hannah Landon is not mentally well which could rule out her from maximum punishment, even though she deserves the ultimate punishment.

She was immediately arrested in the same morning when Bella Fontenelle was found dead in the huge-sized bucket in front of her biological mother’s home.

As of now, Hannah Landon is charged with first-degree murder and obstruction of justice. She is being held at Jefferson Parish Correctional Center without bond, which means that she can only be released if she does not get convicted of the charges.

Although, it seems unlikely that she won’t be convicted, based on the evidence. If convicted, she could face the death penalty under the law.

Bella Fontenelle Father Michael Fontenelle

Moreover, Bella’s father, Michael has not released a public statement. It is presumed that Michael could be grieving for the loss of his child. At this tragic time, we request everyone to send their condolences to the family. At the same time, it is important to respect their privacy.

Police revealed that both parents have been devastated and extremely upset ever since they learned of Bella’s death. We send our condolences to Bella’s father, mother, and sister. Rest in peace, Bella Fontenelle

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