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Who Is Ron Desantis Wife Casey DeSantis? All About The First Lady Of Florida



Who Is Ron Desantis Wife Casey DeSantis All About The First Lady Of Florida

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is expected to declare his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination this week, putting him in opposition to Donald Trump. 

Due to his opposition to social constraints, Mr. DeSantis gained popularity during the Covid-19 outbreak. Since then, he has portrayed himself as a younger, less complex Republican icon than Trump. 

As Mr. DeSantis gets ready to address the nation, people are more interested to learn about his personal life, especially about his wife, Casey DeSantis. 

Who Is Ron Desantis Wife Casey DeSantis?

Casey Black DeSantis is an American former news journalist and television broadcaster. She serves as the current first lady of Florida, as Casey married Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. 

Ron Desantis Wife Casey DeSantis

Casey DeSantis was brought into the world in Ohio on June 26, 1980. She was born as the second daughter of an optometrist named Robert Dark and a pathologist Jeanne Caponigro. 

She is a dedicated and hard-working person who won the Emmy Award for her incredible work in her special primetime show Real Life CSI. 

As Ron DeSantis is going to participate in the upcoming presidential election, Casey DeSantis might be the next first lady of America. 

Want to know more about the First Lady of Florida? Keep reading the article.

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Casey DeSantis: Career

Casey DeSantis earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a minor in French and participated on the equestrian team at the renowned College of Charleston in South Carolina, which is known for its rich history. 

She began her career as a television host after graduating, first appearing on the Golf Channel shows on The Tee and PGA Tour Today. 

Casey continued her media career by joining WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida as a local news anchor, serving in a variety of capacities, including morning host and crime reporter, as her husband joined politics.

She then served as the host of the panel discussion program The Chat on the WTLV and WJXX radio stations in Jacksonville. She has also hosted other lifestyle shows like First Coast Living and The American Dream. 

As the first lady of the state of Florida, Ms. DeSantis has taken part in initiatives like Hope Florida, which encourages economic self-sufficiency, and Resiliency Florida, a plan to combat the stigma associated with mental health in professional sports. 

Casey And Ron DeSantis: Relationship Explored

The current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, married Casey DeSantis in September 2010, when the two began their careers. 

The two met when Casey was covering a golf game at the University of Florida. It was the time when Ron DeSantis was working as a US Navy officer. 

Casey said that they both attracted each other at the first meeting and felt something special about him. The friendship that began from that day later led them to choose each other as partners for a lifetime. 

Ron DeSantis is the support system that Casey has. He always pushes her in the right direction to success, and she considers him as something very special that ever happened to her. 

The governor and first lady of Florida have three children together. Ron and Casey named the two daughters Madison DeSantis and Mamie DeSantis and the son Mason. Mamie, who was born in 2020, is the youngest among the three. 

Casey DeSantis: Cancer Diagnosis

It was reported in October 2021 that Casey DeSantis had breast cancer. During the time, Ron DeSantis said that Casey was the centerpiece of their family and that the illness has brought a great impact on them.

He claimed that Casey would have unwavering support from him and the whole family. According to Ron, Casey is a great fighter, and he believed that she won’t give up that easily. 

However, Casey DeSantis stated that in March of the following year that her treatment had been effective and she was cancer-free. Since then, she has committed her life to spreading awareness of the condition. 

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