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Mallory Beach Autopsy Photos: Paul Murdaugh Boat Crash Photographs



Mallory Beach Autopsy Photos Paul Murdaugh Boat Crash Photographs

Two years after the tragic death of a 19-year-old, Mallory Beach, a South Carolina teenager, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources released new audio and videos from the 2019 boat accident.

The videos and audio records were released days after the startling murder of Paul Murdaugh, 19, who was charged with Beach’s tragic death. He along with his mother was shot and killed in one of their family’s estates in June 2021. 

Paul Murdaugh, the youngest son of attorney Alex Murdaugh, was charged with three felonies at the time of his death. And ten weeks after this brutal murder, a myriad of files including audio and videos were released that were connected to the prosecution of the deadly 2019 boat crash.

The criminal investigation of Mallory Beach’s murder ended with Paul Murdaugh’s death and the officers are now in search of other obstruction of justice allegations that include Paul’s influential family members. 

Who was Mallory Beach? Cold Night Tragic Fate In The Beaufort River.

It was on February 23, 2019, a tragic boat crash in Beaufort River, South Carolina took the life of Mallory Beach. Paul Murdaugh was the culprit who allegedly crashed his family’s 17-foot boat drunkenly. 

Who was Mallory Beach

Beach was a graduate of Wade Hampton High School and was working at a clothing boutique in Beaufort, South Carolina. Her parents remark that she wished to become an interior designer and it was one of her greatest dreams.

At the time of the crash, Beach was accompanied by her boyfriend and friends. Due to the impact of the crash, three passengers fell into the icy water and Beach was lost while all the rest managed to get back to land.

It was only after eight days of thorough searching with the help of local law enforcement, her body was recovered five miles away from the crash scene. 

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Besides Paul, his father Alex was also accountable for the tragedy due to his negligent entrustment and careless supervision of Paul’s boat operating that too under the effect of alcohol. Also, at the time of the tragedy, Paul was underage.    

Do The New Photos And Videos Aid The Investigation?

With the death of Paul Murdaugh, the investigation of Mallory Beach’s murder ended halfway. The video portrayed a short glimpse of the fatal boat crash that happened near Parris Island back on February 23, 2019.

Also, the photos released by the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office reveal the extreme damage caused to the 17-foot Sea Hunt Triton after the crash. Another picture has the blood smears that are left from the impact of the crash.

Mallory Beach Boat Crash Photographs

As of the reports, it was stated that the boat was slammed into a piling near the bridge over Archers Creek, and due to the impact from the hit, Mallory Beach and two other passengers of the boat got thrown into the icy water while two of them managed to escape in that foggy morning.   

Paul Murdaugh’s Drinking Habits And Alcohol Addiction

The photos clicked from the crime spot revealed the boat crash was a result of Paul’s drinking issues. He was intoxicated while driving the boat and never let anyone else drive which led to the tragic death of Mallory Beach. 

Paul Murdaugh’s Drinking Habits

Paul’s Ex-girlfriend Morgan Doughty has even revealed that there were incidents even before in which Paul became grossly intoxicated with the consent of his parents. In several photos presented by the young girl, Paul’s father Alex can also be seen drinking alongside the minors.

Also from the photos released years after the tragedy, the officers spotted boxes and coolers loaded with alcohol, and even empty cases were also recovered from the boat. These photos were captured by the Coroner’s Office on Feb. 24, 2019. 

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