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Who Is Misty Loman? What Actually Happened To Her? Is She Still Alive?



Who Is Misty Loman What Actually Happened To Her Is She Still Alive

Misty Loman, a 44-year-old woman from Bowling Green, Kentucky was in the headlines a few years back. She became popular not for something that she committed but rather was popularized for her looks. 

The incident happened in 2019 when Adam Bieber, a sheriff from Wisconsin posted a series of mugshots that rapidly went viral. The photos of Loman who was a meth addict were posted online when she was arrested for using drugs.

The photos portrayed the changes she had gone through in the years after she started her meth addiction.

Although the sheriff intended to bring out influence with this post on people using drugs, the images had a backstory that the sheriff wasn’t aware of. As the photos went viral, Loman disappeared from the public eye and was nowhere to be found.  

Who Is Misty Loman?

As mentioned earlier,  Misty Loman is a young woman in her early 40s. She was married to Gary Glass and shared two sons Corey and Jacob. According to her reports, it was stated that she started her drug addiction after she lost her three children.

Who Is Misty Loman

Two of them passed away within the delivery and one died a few months after birth. It was said that drug addiction has nothing to do with the death of her children and she turned to drugs in order to cope with the pain and struggles that she had faced in her life.

What Actually Happened To Misty Loman?

The mugshots shared by the officer made an impact on people that the 44-year-old woman was some kind of culprit and the impact of drugs in her was the reason for her appearance. But, things were not the same as believed by others.

Loman was suffering from cancer, lupus, and scleroderma which was a major reason behind her appearance.

According to the findings, scleroderma is a condition in which the skin gets hardened and tightened. As of the records, there is no cure for this health condition. All that is possible is to do some treatments that could ease the symptoms. 

Apart from this skin condition, she also suffers from bone cancer. And the appearance that went viral through the mugshots was the result of the chemotherapy that the mother of two(Corey and Jacob) went through as part of her treatment.

From this, she even suffered great hair loss. Also, it was claimed by her that the drugs that the police found in her in 2019 were for nausea. 

In 2021, Loman appeared in front of the camera for an interview. And at the time, she was 28 months sober. The interview explains her side of the story which was always unknown to the masses.

She stated that she wanted to clarify the false rumors that were spreading all over the internet even now after years. She urged that the truth behind her pictures was that she was suffering from various autoimmune diseases such as lupus panniculitis which is a type two lupus condition that is more similar to cancer. 

According to the doctors, the disease has not only impacted her skin but rather has impacted the fat tissues in her body. And while undergoing chemotherapy, she lost her hair and body weight which resulted in a fragile frame of the young lady.

She even claimed that she is very much aware that the consumption of drugs in such a situation could adversely affect her condition, but since she had nothing left in her life she wanted to be high until her death.

Loman stated that she had hit rock bottom in her life with the loss she had faced in the 44 years of life. She lost her children, her home, and her family.

Because of all these, she stated that she had no other easy way to get her mind right, and as a result, she turned to drugs and alcohol to get relief from the pain and in order to feel numb.

She suffered great depression and doesn’t wish to live anymore as she had no hope for a better tomorrow. She said that all that she wished was to stay high until her death. 

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Is Loman Still Alive? Where Is She Now?

Loman’s elder sons, after seeing her condition getting worse day by day, begged her to seek help. And as a result, she was taken for long-term mandatory treatment sessions at the Sisters in Sobriety located in her hometown.

After joining here, she started to seek solace in God and within that time she is recovering from her pathetic condition. In 2021, she was discharged from the center. 

According to her, people who are struggling with their life must seek help from God. She believes that prayers will really work and she is one of the living proofs. It’s been almost three years now since Loman came out of all her difficulties and is leading a normal life with her dog.

She is very optimistic about her life and even believes that God is the only reason for all that happened in her life until the moment.     

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