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Celebrate Your Furry Friends on National Pet Day 



April 11th is National Pet Day, an annual celebration honoring the immeasurable joy and companionship that pets bring to our lives. As most animal lovers can attest, our furry, feathered, and scaled friends provide unconditional love and affection that truly makes them cherished members of the family.

From dogs and cats to more exotic pets like ferrets and chickens, National Pet Day reminds us to shower some extra appreciation on the animal companions that enrich our daily lives. Retailers are offering plenty of discounts and special promotions to help pet owners spoil their beloved critters.

But the holiday isn’t just about pampering our current pets – it’s also an opportunity to raise awareness about pet adoption and the millions of homeless animals in shelters awaiting their forever homes. With National Pet Adoption Day 2023 last year, festivities recognizing the human-animal bond served as an important reminder of the life-changing impact of rescuing a pet.

Spoiling Our Beloved Companions

Whether your pet is a canine, feline, pocket pet, or barnyard animal, there’s no shortage of special offers for National Pet Day treat them right. Walmart has slashed prices on pet essentials, making it easy to splurge on your animal pal.

Tech-savvy pet owners can upgrade to the ZUPOX automatic feeder with WiFi camera for just $99.99 (originally $239.99) to ensure their dog or cat never misses a meal. For the dog who loves the great outdoors, a collapsible pet pool is available for just $26.99, down from $44.99.

Dog houses, ferret cages, and even full chicken coops/starter kits have been dramatically discounted up to 65% off. PetSmart also has select deals on cat trees, dog treats (buy 2, get 1 50% off), and other accessories.

Chewy is offering a BOGO 50% off promotion on select wet foods and treats for both dogs and cats. Pet product giant PetSafe has markdowns on premium cat litter, automatic litter boxes, and even free shipping incentives for new Autoship subscribers.

For pet owners looking to upgrade their dog’s food game, the human-grade dog food delivery service Spot & Tango is extending a special 50% off discount to new customers using the code REVIEWED50.

The Premium on Companionship

While showering our pets with gifts and goodies is always fun, National Pet Day serves as an important reminder of the physical and mental health benefits pets provide their owners. Numerous scientific studies have shown that interaction with companion animals can lower stress levels, improve cardiovascular markers like blood pressure and cholesterol, and even contribute to overall longevity.

For many people, pets are essential household members that contribute to emotional well-being and provide a sense of security and routine. Service animals take that relationship to the next level, aiding individuals with disabilities and allowing for increased independence. Emotional support animals have also become increasingly recognized for their ability to improve psychological wellness.

At their core, pets understand us in a way other humans often cannot and provide unwavering loyalty, affection, and acceptance in return for our care and companionship. National Pet Day celebrates that profound bond while drawing greater attention to making the most of that connection through proper pet ownership.

The Importance of Adoption

However, the joyous occasion of National Pet Day is also a prime opportunity to shed light on the massive overpopulation crisis impacting animal shelters and rescues nationwide. Every year, millions of healthy dogs and cats are euthanized simply because there aren’t enough adoptive homes for them.

In recognition of this ongoing battle against pet homelessness and overpopulation, the month of April has become a rallying point for adoption advocates and shelters. By seizing upon the momentum of National Pet Day festivities, the goal is to drive awareness in the weeks leading up to National Pet Adoption Day – traditionally held two weeks after the more generic pet holiday.

National Pet Adoption Day 2023  took place on Saturday, April 29th last year. It’s a date circled on every animal rescue organization’s calendar as they ramp up efforts to facilitate pet adoptions and educate the public on the significance of choosing adoption over purchasing pets from breeders or stores.

The stories of adopted pets, and the frantic messages from overcrowded shelters, underscore why this mission is so vital. Homeless pets face euthanasia, insufficient care and resources, and a lifetime of uncertainty until they find their forever families through adoption channels.

Adoption provides not just a home, but a second chance at life for these rescued animals. The adoption fees contribute to shelters’ lifesaving efforts, while welcoming a new furry, feathered or scaled family member into one’s home creates the beautiful cycle of opening space for another pet in need.

National Pet Day kicks off a pivotal stretch on the calendar aimed at shining a light on the pet overpopulation crisis and solutions to this tragic epidemic. As pet owners celebrate the joys their animal companions bring on April 11th, they would be wise to start pondering opening their homes and hearts to a rescued pet in the coming weeks.

Making the Switch to Adoption

While National Pet Adoption Day 2023 on April 29th was the peak period for spotlighting shelter pet rescues last year, it  became a year-round mission for adoption advocates and ethical breeders alike. The goal is to adopt one’s first choice rather than an afterthought when sourcing a new pet.

To achieve that lofty objective, the adoption process has been streamlined and demystified in recent years to combat common misconceptions. From online resources to adoption events and comprehensive vetting procedures, it has never been easier for prospective owners to find their ideally matched rescued pet.

National Pet Adoption Day and the extended celebrations leading up to it represent a massive education and community outreach push. The pet stores, breeders, veterinarians, and other businesses aligned with this cause use promotions and media appearances throughout April and May to spread messaging around taking the adoption-first mentality.

The rising cultural awareness of pet overpopulation and shift toward cruelty-free sourcing ensures the spotlight will stay trained on facilitated more adoptions in 2023 and beyond. As National Pet Day underscores the profound joys of animal companionship, the adoption community’s hope is that more families will make that dream come true by rescuing a deserving shelter pet.

So by all means, indulge and spoil your current furry, feathered, or scaled pals on April 11th – they’ve certainly earned it. But keep an eye out in the coming weeks for info on National Pet Adoption Day events and opportunities in your area to open your heart and home to a new adopted best friend. Celebrating pets is always a worthy cause, but truly saving pets’ lives is the greatest gift we can give.

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