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Rap Trap: Hip-Hop On Trial: Hulu Latest Documentary Release Date And Trailer



Rap Trap Hip-Hop On Trial Hulu Latest Documentary Release Date And Trailer

“Rap Trap: Hip Hop on Trail” is the latest documentary released by ABC News Studios on February 23. The hour-long documentary is streamed on Hulu.

The documentary explores the criminal acts charged to Young Thug and Gunna in 2022, regarding their involvement in a conspiracy to violate Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

The documentary reportedly features ‌interviews with Young Thug’s ex-girlfriend Jerrika Karlae, CEO of 300 Entertainment, Kevin Liles, and many other artists. The documentary also dives into the events of former rapper McKinley “Mac” Philips Jr, who claims to have spent 21 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

What Is The Base Of The Documentary?

The documentary is based on the case where Young Thug and Gunna were among the 28 people indicated in Georgia for conspiring to violate the RICO act and other street gang charges.

During the case, one of the crucial things noticed in the courtroom was the prosecutors using the lyrics against the artists who wrote them. The film also explores the debate around whether lap lyrics should be used in the courtroom or not, during criminal prosecutions. 

Young Thug and Gunna

In particular, a quote was used from the Young Thug Rapper’s music, in which he ‌meant that he was never involved with killing, but had to do something with the body. The prosecutors resembled the lyric to his involvement with the Young Slime Life (YSL) gang.

It also explores the “Protect Black Art” movement, where many of the Black artists in the world are unfairly convicted for the commits they didn’t commit.

Trailer For The Documentary

The trailer for the documentary features several interviews of other artists and celebrities pouring out their views on how prosecutors limit freedom of speech. In the trailer, Young Thug can be seen appearing in ‌court.

The trailer centers on the fact that freedom of expression comes back to haunt oneself. Furthermore, the tag on the black artist, which includes how they are treated and falsely accused for crimes they didn’t commit, majorly.

From the trailer, it is clear to understand that pop music stands together with ‌the use of lyrics against the artist in the courtroom. Anyway, we will see how things turn out in the documentary.

Where And When To Watch It?

The hour-long documentary was released on February 23. The documentary quill is streamed on Hulu.

How Is Young Thug Related To The Case?

Young Thug was accused of being a co-founder and the leader of the gang, who has been charged with drugs and gun-related cases last year. He was also accused of indicating the RICO Act.  

Defense attorneys have denied the allegations of the young thug being part of the notorious gang. Rather, they claimed he indeed founded YSL, which is Young Stoner Life, a music label that he founded the record label back in 2016.

It might be valid that some of the artists among the 28 of them were involved in gang activities. But that does not mean every one of them was part of the gang.

In addition, Young Thug was accused of; threatening to kill a man at the shopping mall, distributing methamphetamine, and also renting a car that was used in a murder case in 2015.

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Young Slime Life (Ysl), was founded as a “criminal street gang” in 2021.

However, the trial has been delayed as they failed to assemble the Jury. it has now been at least two months; not a single juror has been appointed as the case could take years to summon a verdict considering the vast number of defendants.

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