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Update On The Nikki Catsouras Accident: What  Happened To Porsche Girl Head?Death And Obituary



Update On The Nikki Catsouras Accident What  Happened To Porsche Girl Head Death And Obituary

Nikki Catsouras an 18 years old girl died in an accident on the state route near Lake Forest California on Halloween on October 31, 2006. Nikki was driving alone at 1.45 pm at 160 kph speed. 

According to the reports she hit another vehicle by driving 100 mph while attempting to pass it on the right and lost control of her luxury vehicle. Her Porsche struck a concrete toll booth and she died on the spot. Major head injuries cause instant death.  

People are still searching for the news and photographs related to Nikki’s death. People named Nikki Porsche Girl after she died after crashing her father’s Porsche into a concrete toll booth.  

Signs of cocaine without alcohol were found in her body. Controversies were raised after her demise about the photographs of her dead body. 

Nikki Had An Argument With Father

Nikki was living with her parents and two sisters in California. She was a first-year college student at 18 years old.

According to her father Christos Catsouras, she did an argument with the family for obeying a rule. He took her car keys away following these. 

Nikki with her family

Her death pictures were leaked and spread. Photos of Nikki’s deformed body were uploaded online. Her family showed their strong refusal against spreading the photographs of the awry body of their daughter.

It flooded her family with long grief on her demise. Which leads their family to file a lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol for disclosing the photographs from the accident spot. 

Who Is Nikki Catsouras?

Nikki was the daughter of novelist and writer Lesli Catsuras and real estate agent Christos Catsouras. She was 18 years old and died after hitting her father’s luxury vehicle and losing control.

Before she entering to the car crash she was quarreling with her father and after leaving the house her car struck the concrete toll booth. 

Her photos and videos instantly get attention in the name of Porsche girl. People are searching actually what happened to this Porsche girl after seeing her awry photos. After 16 years her obituary and photographs are more searched in the name of Porsche girl. 

Her disfigured pictures are spread over various websites such as body horror message boards, gore blogs, and pornographic websites also. 

Here disfigured pictures were also sent to her family. Online trolls pictured it with dialogues and shared it with her family members.

Some of the trollers made fun with it by considering it a cruel joke. Her whole family and relatives shed tears as a reaction to this and filed a lawsuit against spreading the photos of Nikki. 

After a 4 and half year of law battle with California High Way Patrol for disclosing the images of Nikki the CHP has agreed to pay her parents about $2.375 million.

Her family was compensated for the emotional suffering they had experienced after seeing Nikki’s ghastly images. 

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They successfully won the battle and removed all disfigured pictures of Nicky from all websites. These pictures are unavailable until now. But some people scroll through the internet for finding a single picture of Nikki’s awry body after hearing about the Porsche girl. 

Now you can see the results after searching her name on the internet related to her demise. Her head photos went viral at that time.

Her head was broken and sliced during the car crash. And the picture of her head gets more attention than her disfigured whole body. 

Pictures from the car crash surfaced recently. That is the main leading reason for her attention to her news and photos after 16 years of her demise.  

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