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Who Killed Tupac Shakur? How Did He Die? Cause Of Death, Was He Murdered?



Who Killed Tupac Shakur

One can hardly forget to mention Tupac Shakur when remembering the finest rappers ever born. Tupac Shakur was one of the most talented rappers. He is behind some of the choicest hits of the decade, such as ‘California Love’ and ‘All Eyez on Me”.

While he was rising to touch the pinnacle of success, fate had other plans for him. He was murdered brutally after returning from a Mike Tyson match in Las Vegas on September 07, 1996. According to the sources, he was shot multiple times, and he succumbed to the injuries there and then. 

Who Killed Tupac Shakur?

The police authorities registered an FIR and even kickstarted the investigation, but the culprit couldn’t be found. Instead, Tupac’s murder has been one of the unsolved murder mysteries pending with the police authorities for the time being.

Tupac Shakur

However, the police have brushed aside all the allegations of being slow in the investigation by citing that the lack of cooperation from Tupac’s allies was the reason for the stalled investigation.

It seems like the case has been processed again because the Las Vegas Police issued a warrant in Nevada about the Tupac murder case on July 17, 2023, probably 26 years after his murder. The authorities have, however, resisted commenting on this statement any further. 

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How Did Tupac Shakur Die?

It was in 2018 when Keffe D made a revelation in one of the episodes of ‘Unsolved’. He said he was traveling with Tupac’s murderer in the same car. However, he was utterly clueless about what was about to happen.

He heard gunshots from his back seat only to find Tupac dead on Vegas’s streets. He knew about the murderer, but he could not reveal his identity since he was under the street code. He exercised his immunity from prosecution to make such statements. Despite finding the most significant clue, the police could not do anything but wait.

However, Kyle Long, the creator of Unsolved, has something to add. In his opinion, Keffer is the actual culprit. He recently expressed that it is outrageous for a legal system to accept a criminal roaming free for the past 26 years.

Though Keffe revealed everything in a reality show, his statements were worth noting and strictly demanded action from the authorities. 

But this is not the only theory that exists behind Tupac’s assassination. In a documentary titled ‘Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton’, Thaddeus added that Reggie White Jr. and his ex-wife are the real murderers.

These facts were already known to Knight, who officially confirmed this statement before Thaddeus. Thaddeus believes that Knight was the prime target and Tupac was only one of the collateral damages. His beliefs affirmed that Knight was shot dead six times sometime after Tupac’s death. 

Clues in the investigation

In addition to these theories, which are speculative for the time being, the investigating officers have the recorded statement of Tupac while he breathed his last. According to one of the officers at the crime scene in 1996, Tupac blurted ‘F**k You’. This clearly showed that Tupac knew who the killer was, and there was some animosity between them. 

However, the case has been handled very diligently by the authorities. In 2001, some leaders got an article published in the local newspapers. They alleged that rapper B. I. G supplied the gun to the shooter, and he reportedly offered USD 1 million to kill Tupac. 

While these speculations continue to confuse one, witnessing how this case unfolds with time will be interesting. 

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