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Colorado umbrella brigade shields out homophobes

A Colorado comic book store owner came under fire from noisy militant protestors after he started a monthly family-friendly drag show, but supporters reigned supreme with a colorful wall of umbrellas. 

Driver delays passengers, refuses to operate bus with Pride colors

Passengers using the Norwich England public transit system were delayed getting to their destinations after their driver refused to operate a bus he felt encouraged homosexuality.  

The driver who has not been named turned off the vehicle's engine mid-route and addressed the riders about his decision, “This bus promotes homosexuality and I refuse to drive it!”

Ecuador's high court approves the right for same-sex couples to marry

Ecuador approves the right for same-sex couples to marry.

Same-sex couples in Ecuador have a reason to celebrate this week as the country's highest court legalized same-sex marriage on Wednesday. 

Five members of the nine in the Constitutional Court voted in favor of the law as a result of two cases they heard involving two same-sex couples who wanted to marry.

Taiwan passes marriage equality, a historic first for Asia

Taiwan passes marriage equality, a historic first for Asia.

Taiwan has made history today as it became the first place in Asia for same-sex couples to legally marry. 

Lawmakers on the self-ruled island state approved a bill following two years of preparation to amend existing marriage laws which were deemed unconstitutional in 2017. 

Sultan of Brunei puts moratorium on death penalty against LGBT people

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, after a month of pressure from international advocacy organizations and celebrity boycotts said he is putting a moratorium on capital punishment including death for gay sex and adultery.