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Gay Imam gets two-year jail sentence in Algeria

Caught in flagrante delicto in the mosque, Imam, aged 36, was sentenced to a term of two years and 20,000 dinars, while his companion was sentenced to the same penalty.

Bodies of gay men desecrated in Senegal

Human rights supporters have documented at least four occasions in the past two years where mobs shouting homophobic slurs have unearthed bodies of gay men or those suspected of being gay and dragged them across the landscape. In some cases, the bodies were dumped outside the homes of their families.

Malawi same-sex couple remain in prison

The same-sex couple Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza, accused of buggery and gross indecency after becoming engaged in a public ceremony, on Tuesday invoked their right to remain silent in the case.