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Principal forces students to out themselves in public

A full investigation by South African LGBT groups and local authorities is underway after a school principal forces her students to out themselves

A South African principal is facing an investigation by LGBT rights groups and local authorities after she forced students to admit in front of other students and their parents that they are gay.

Airbnb CEO offers free housing to displaced immigrants

Airbnb CEO offers free housing to displaced immigrants.

The country is still settling in over the recent rash of executive orders handed down by President Donald Trump last week, and big businesses such as Airbnb are coming to the aid of those who are affected.

England to pardon 100,000 gay men convicted of past same-sex behavior

Before 2003 gay men could be arrested in the UK just or cruising.

LONDON - English human rights organization, The Peter Tatchell Foundation, applauded the government today as they confirmed the granting of pardons for up to 100,000 gay men.

Prior to 2003, men could be convicted of engaging in homosexuality because historic anti-gay laws were still enforceable.

Amazing pictures of Women's Marches across the globe

Millions of people around the world gathered at their city’s political hubs to celebrate women’s rights on Saturday.

“The Women’s March on Washington” spawned many satellite demonstrations around the globe from Alaska to Tel Aviv.

Non-accepting Brazilian mother stabs, kills gay son then burns remains

17-year-old Itaberli Lozano of Brazil was fatally stabbed by his mother for being gay.

A Brazilian mother has admitted to stabbing her teenage son, killing him because he was gay.

It happened last month on Christmas Eve, after the mother, Tatiana Lozano Pereira was returning home with her son Itaberli Lozano, 17.

The two were having a heated argument and upon entering the house two men, hired by Pereira began to beat him.

Students tricked with Christmas cards, really anti-LGBT pamphlets

Schoolchildren in Australia were excited to get on the bus in hopes of receiving an early Christmas after their drivers handed them shiny golden envelopes. But what was inside was not a gift.

Students from Kyabram P-12 College, just north of Melbourne, opened the envelopes to find anti-LGBT pamphlets and literature against same-sex marriage.