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eCoverly Reviews: Is This 3D Animated Cover Creator Worth The Money?



eCoverly Reviews

The world around us is moving so fast and so is the progress of technology and the world of marketing and advertising. And with all this mind-blowing technology where we all are constantly in a state of overstimulation, it takes the right amount of creative mix to attract the eyes of your desired demographic.

So now you can ditch the ordinary covers and bring a creative and visual twist to attract your desired group with eCoverly 3D covers. Read this eCoverly reviews to know more.

eCoverly Reviews: Can This Software Really Help To Create Attractive Covers?

eCoverly is a platform where you can create attractive covers with their innovative technology. This platform provides various templates and royalty-free pictures so you can customize your covers to make them attractive. This eCoverly review will look more into every aspect of this supplement. So if you have any doubts regarding this platform then no worries as we will be uncovering everything.

Of course, like any other sensible customers, we will have some doubts for sure, on matters like whether we should invest in this app or if it is even worth our money and time. And that is exactly what this eCoverly will be looking at. By the end of this thorough analysis, you might get a clear idea and can make informed decisions.

This eCoverly review will analyze in detail everything you ever need to know about this platform. We will be discussing the accessibility, their special features, what makes them worth our money, the rates and so much more. So, ‘If you want to learn more about this app then stick with us till the end to learn a lot more about this supplement. Without anymore further ado let us dive right into it.   

eCoverly Reviews: Can This Software Really Help To Create Attractive Covers?
Product NameeCoverly
FormDigital Product
CreatorAdeel Chowdry
Overall Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
BenefitsRevolutionary Music Interference
Over 40 animated 3D templates
Over 250 static and animated templates
High quality
Pros– Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome
– Beginner friendly
– Extremely easy to use
– High-quality product
– No previous experience in animation or Photoshop required
Cons– Only accessible through their official website
– The prices will be hiked soon
Money back guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official websiteClick here

What Is eCoverly?

eCoverly is an innovative cover-making platform that will help you build good-quality covers with animations and even music. These animated covers will be the perfect mix of technology and creativity with which it will attract the optimal levels of attraction from your desired audience.

This cover-making technology was developed by Adeel Chowdry and claims to help boost your sales by 451% by using e-covers. These e-covers can be made for anything ranging from books, guides, labels, projects, digital products and so much more. This platform is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Chrome too.

eCoverly comes with animated 3D templates that you can customize according to your choice in addition to 2D animated templates. You can add pictures, change colors, fonts, and whatnot to create your unique design with this very beginner-friendly platform.

With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop technology and image editor, you need not be a master in Photoshop or possess high-end animation skills to create your unique covers.

Who Developed eCoverly? 

The brains behind this 3D animated cover creator platform is Adeel Chowdry. He claims that this platform is the first of its kind and has the potential to boost your business or endeavors to maximize the potential and sales. This online entrepreneur and speaker with over ten years of experience in the digital industry.

In addition to eCoverly, he has created sensations like Sqribble and Prezentar and more. This digital marketer has been featured in various media outlets; the most notable mention would be the one in New York’s best-selling book “The Laptop Millionaire”. Mr. Chowdry holds programs regularly around the world and also conducts private coaching sessions.

eCoverly Benefits and Key Features

eCoverly Benefits and Key Features
  • Revolutionary Music Interference: This platform enables you to add music to your covers to make it more attention-grabbing and entertaining.
  • Numerous 3D templates: Along with eCoverly you will also gain access to over 40 animated 3D templates that are ready to customize.
  • 2D templates: In addition to animated covers you will also get over 250 static and animated templates.
  • Model: You will also get 9 samples so that you get a reference to carry out your work.  
  • Newbie-approved: This platform is completely beginner-friendly and extremely easy to use. It is completely OK if you do not have any prior experience in Photoshop, animation, etc.
  • High quality: You do not have to be worried about the quality as the work will be scaled at 300 DPI(Dots Per Inch) so that you can resize them to your desired measurements without compromising the quality of the covers.

How Does eCoverly Work?

eCoverly is pretty easy to use. Once you purchase this platform you will be able to make your one unique cover with minimal effort and time. You will also have a tutorial to follow if you have any doubts regarding how to create your covers.

As this app is very beginner-friendly and uses easy-to-use drag and drop and easy image edition technology there will not be any complications to using this technology. You can also access their demo webinar on how to use this platform efficiently through their official website. So there is nothing to worry about on how to operate this technology.

Who Can Use eCoverly? 

eCoverly can be used by anybody who wants to create e-covers with animations. If you are looking to boost your business and attract potential customers to do so, eCoverly might be an ideal option for you.

Since people are constantly overstimulated with too much content to absorb, our attention spans have collectively dropped down throughout these years. Hence attracting customers’ attention with the optimal level of animation might help incredibly. Many authors including Stenen King, and Josephine Angeline have used 3D animated covers in their works.

eCoverly Usage

eCoverly Pros and Cons.

Now let us get into weighing the pros and cons of this product and see which one outnumbers. Analyzing the pros and cons might be valuable when making informed decisions. So let us get right into it.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • No previous experience in animation or Photoshop is required.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • High-quality product.


  • Only accessible through their official website.
  • The prices will be hiked soon.

eCoverly Customer Reviews and Complaints

Customers were quite satisfied with this app. Even beginners could easily navigate through the settings and follow instructions to make their cover. Customers report how this innovative app can bring their creativity to life and being able to boost their sales with it.

As per the data mentioned on the official page, e-covers were found to escalate sales and attract customers by 451%. One can easily purchase this technology from their official website at an affordable rate.

eCoverly Pricing and Availability

eCoverly can only be accessed through their official page. So if you are ever interested in purchasing this e-cover maker make sure to head straight to their official website.

This eCoverly can now be bought with a special one-time fee option of 67 dollars. Remember, you can only buy eCoverly at this rate only for a limited time. After that, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of at least 99 dollars to access this product.

So you can take this opportunity for granted and invest in the product. If you are still feeling doubtful and scared about losing your money on something that you would not like then no worries at all as you will be protected by their money-back guarantee policy.

Now you can try eCoverly for 30 days with their “love it or pay nothing” guarantee. You have 30 days to make the decision. All you have to do is contact customer support and get your money back. But you have to keep in mind that you will only be eligible for this refund policy if you return the product within 30 days.

Bonuses Available With eCoverly

With your eCoverly purchase, you will also receive these amazing bonuses that will help with leveling up your animation game and making the best profit out of it. So let us see what all your bonuses are.

Bonuses Available With eCoverly
  • Bonus#1 – Commercial license: You have the option to access either a personal or commercial license to create 3D animated 2D covers for your personal use or your clients.
  • Bonus#2 – Agency Website: How about getting a prefilled portfolio for free so that you can take your cover business to the next level? A professional agency website will help you with taking orders and managing your work well.
  • Bonus#3 – Client Portal: This bonus might be the perfect option for freelancers and agencies. You can save time by sharing your designs and getting feedback from your clients directly inside your dashboard. You need not waste your time uploading to the cloud or attaching files to email.

eCoverly Reviews- Final Verdict

This eCoverly review analyzed in detail everything you ever need to know about this platform. This cover maker looks legit and might give you good results in addition to helping you attract customers and build your business.

eCoverly is claimed to be the first of its kind. It is straightforward to use and even if one has no experience with Photoshop or animation, they can still use this technology to make interactive covers. This platform uses drag-and-drop techniques and an easy image editor so there is nothing to worry about as it is extremely easy to use and also a convenient and time-saving option.

eCoverly enables you to even include music with its revolutionary music interface. It also offers high-quality work with 300 DPI. One can easily buy this app from their official website at an affordable cost.

You only have to pay a one-time fee to access this platform. In addition to this convenience, if you are not impressed with the app then you can easily get your money back with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Looking at all these aspects this product does seem genuine and a great investment, however, it is up to you readers to look at all the sides and make an informed decision. Hope this review is useful in helping you with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will I be charged with any extra payments?

No, this is a rest assured one-time payment. You will not be charged any other additional fees or subscription payments.

2) I do not have much knowledge of animation and e-covers. Will I be able to use this efficiently?

Yes, eCoverly is a beginner-friendly interface. So you need not be an expert on photoshopping or know a lot about animation to use this technology. eCoverly can be used by newbies without any stress.

3) Will it take a lot of time to make these animations?

It will barely take 60 seconds of your time to make these e-covers.

4) Is it compatible with Windows?

Yes, eCoverly is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Chrome.

5) Even if I asked for a refund, Can I still keep my animated covers?

Yes, you can keep the covers even though you are returning the app and asking for your refund.

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