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IonPure Reviews – How Does This Odor Eliminator Work?



Ionpure Reviews

Are you looking for authentic Ionpure reviews? Then you are in the right place. Ionpure is a natural air purifier device designed to improve health with yearlong breathable fresh and clean air. Ionpure air cleaner device has also been found to go by the name Breathe Green plug-in air purifier.

To achieve its aim, the Ionpure device appears to purify the air by helping to fight off microscopic organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Plus, it is believed to play a pivotal role in helping to get rid of the disgusting smell.

Research has it that the rate at which people fall sick in this present age seems to have spiked compared to how often they fell sick before. This accrued global health deterioration could be attributed to factors such as allergies, viruses, bacteria, and even toxins present in the air.

By way of observation, a good number of such germs do not smell and they are hardly detected. Others give out offensive stench combined with unpleasant smells, maybe induced by cigarette smoke, pet smells, molds, and mildew. Read this Ionpure review to know more about this gadget.

IonPure Reviews – A 100% Eco-Friendly Product Or Not?

From a peripheral look, the Ionpure plug-in air purification system seems authorized and safe to use. However, to get a full hold on the authenticity of this air filtration system, it is paramount to analyze the product.

This Ionpure review comprises an introductory and detailed overview of the device, its features, advantages, technical facts, and how it works. Each of these points for analysis is written in separate sections. 

Aside from the mentioned angles, the Ionpure air wellness device will also be viewed from a functional point of view, why it is needed, the cost, and selling point, customers’ opinions of the product, refund policy along with the review summary. The conclusion section is highlighted with questions and answers about the Ionpure device. 

Ionpure Review

Product NameIonpure
CategoryAir Purifier Device
DescriptionIonpure air purification system is taken to be a solution designed to naturally filter the air you inhale in your home and office.
SpecialityPlugin device
AdvantagesIt is easy to set up 
Has a discrete design 
Eliminates odor 
Effectively cleans air molecules. 
Benefits Fresh Air Breath
Overall Health Maintenance 
Good Sleep 
Price $55.99
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is an Ionpure? 

Ionpure air purification system is taken to be a solution designed to naturally filter the air you inhale in your home and office. It comes in a small size which enables its easy plug-in. Ionpure air cleaner was made in the United States of America. 

The Ionpure air wellness device uses the exact negative ions supplied by natural environments such as waterfalls, mountains, and beaches. By using such negative ionization, depression is controlled, and stress is minimized while producing energy for daily body functions. The Ionpure equipment is assumed to be suitable for anyone who wants to breathe in fresh air from their homes or offices, including cigarette smokers and park owners. 

The Ionpure air purification gadget tends to encourage peaceful sleep as it produces little to zero noise while in use. Leaving you with fresh air, your overall health is strengthened. Being eco-friendly, it guarantees safe use and protection from allergies. 

Everyday air purifiers are known to use fans to retain aerial dust. They are perceived to cost a fortune as you may need to use extra cash to replace the filters. Besides, such purifiers are notorious for using chemicals to mask odors but are unable to exterminate the source of the foul smell. 

Ionpure usage

Ionpure air purification system seems to stand out from such everyday air purifiers. Designed with filters in it, you may not need to go through the financial hurdles of filter replacement. It means you are better able to save up while enjoying fresh air. 

The Ionpure air cleaner device is not seen to use any chemicals, instead, it employs the technology of healthy negative ions to trap and eliminate live bacteria, stench, dust, and even allergens that are on the job of blocking the air in your home from exercising its freshness. 

Features Provided by IonPure

IonPure air cleaner comes as a small-sized gadget that enables filtering of the air around you in your home or office when plugged in. Let’s look into some features of the Ionpure device: 

  • Portable: The air quality improvement device has a portable size which enables it to fit into an electrical socket.
  • Low energy consumption: It is specified to use less than 1-watt power with a current of 21mA.
  • It has three different modes of operation.
  • At the top is a button that helps to switch from one mode to another. 
  • There is the presence of an LED blue light which supports the ionization process. The appliance comes singly in a box as a way of keeping it safe both in transit and storage. 

Advantages of using Ionpure purification device 

There are many Ionpure reviews available online but none of them detailed about the advantages of using it. The following are the advantages of using an Ionpure air purification system. 

  • It is easy to set up 
  • Has a discrete design 
  • Eliminates odor 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • It doesn’t require maintenance. 
  • Uses negative ions to fend off impurities. 
  • Operates in silence. 
  • Effectively cleans air molecules. 

What are the benefits provided by IonPure?

IonPure air filter is said to wade off even the strongest odors and clean the air around. It also aims at fending off dander, bacteria, must, and mildew. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using the IonPure gadget.

Ionpure Benefits
  • Fresh Air Breath

The Ionpure air purifier tends to allow you to breathe in fresh air by purifying the bad smells and microbes in your surroundings. 

  • Overall Health Maintenance 

The negative ions allow for cell metabolism by enabling digestive actions and controlling asthmatic and allergic disorders. Longevity is the aftermath of it and also general health benefits. 

  • Good Sleep 

As the Ionpure air cleanser works in silent environments, you are likely to experience good sleep which in turn, supports body wellness

IonPure Technical Facts

This Ionpure air purifier is specified to be less than 1-watt power with a current of 21mA. The Light-emitting diode has a brightness of 10-20 Lux during the night followed by an Anion production of 8-106 pcs/cm3.

How does the IonPure work?

The Ionpure appliance seems to employ natural science as an operation mechanism. When plugged into an electrical socket, it releases negative ions into your home or office. The fusion of healthy negative ions with dangerous positive ions in the air helps in odor, smoke, bacteria, and even dander molecules reduction in your living environment. 

This Ionpure air purification mechanism is helpful to you because of its ability to eliminate pollution, especially that of noise and air. Besides, it is low in energy consumption and is composed of materials rich in ABS. Thus it could retain strength and shock resistance. It also doesn’t call for maintenance like changing filters. 

What is this IonPure air wellness appliance for?

This Ionpure purification device is designed to alleviate health conditions such as allergy and asthma plus it assists in combating home and office odors brought about by must, bacteria, viruses, dander molecules, dust as well as pets. By trapping the harmful air with the negative ions, you are exposed to fresh breath. 


Ionpure air purifiers could give you general health benefits. Research shows negative ions to be capable of enhancing free radicals, strengthening metabolism, invigorating the immune system, and purifying the blood. Ionpure technology has also been shown to encourage good sleep, and nervous system balance as well as support normal digestive processes. 

IonPure Customer reviews – What are they saying?

Below are some of the testimonials from customers who have used the gadget: 

“I had been suffering from allergies for some time now. I used to wake up in the night from breathlessness. It used to drain me in the morning. I used to take medicines. But Ion Pure Air Purifiers helped me out of it. I was amazed at first. The general air around me seems much fresher when I switch on the IonPure device. I cannot express my gratitude for finding Ion Pure Purifiers. I use it for different rooms now. I am now recommending it to my relatives who I know have breathing conditions!”
Rachel Ferguson – New York
“I have been a cleanliness freak for all my life. I got a similar husband even. I always used to get bothered about the cleanliness of the air around me and our home. That’s why I went for IonPure right when I heard about it. We had a maintenance happening in the next street during that time. Harmful fumes and pungent odor are used to evade our household. I plugged in Ion Pure to see if it would help. I was amazed. In a matter of half an hour, the smell was gone! Now I got one for our office too. Now I got something for my air cleanliness too.”
Angela Hudson – Houston, TX
“I started working from home last year and I have to say I didn’t realize how bad my air quality was until I had to sit in it all day. After a few months, I noticed a higher level of congestion that even made it hard to sleep. Once I started using the IonPure air purification system the problem absolved itself in just less than a week. I even bought 3 more to put in my kids’ room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. We honestly can’t live without them now.”
Kimberly E. | Hope, KS

From online Ionpure reviews, most customers seemed to have used the device to their satisfaction and I hardly found any customer complaints about ineffectiveness or side effects. 

Where can I buy Ion Pure at a reasonable price?

You only get to see this product on Ionpure official website. It is unavailable in any of the other e-commerce or retail stores like Amazon and Shopify. Therefore, it is expedient to be careful and picky when deciding on buying this gadget, as cyber fraudsters are on the hunt for vulnerable buyers to swindle with a posey product dressed up like Ionpure and displayed on dubious websites. 

The sales of the air filtration device are carried out in two steps. Step one includes five different packages that attract separate charges depending on your budget and buying purpose. Each package is discounted according to the number of air purification gadgets available for sale. It seems that there is a free coupon that allows for the discounts. The Ionpure prices as displayed below:

STEP 1: 

Single Room Pure Pack 

  • 1 Ionpure (Fast shipping) = $55.99 (55.99 each)

Studio Pure Pack 

  • 2 Ionpure (Fast shipping) = $106.38 ($53.19 each)

Multi-Room Pure Pack 

  • 3 Ionpure (Fast shipping) = $151.17 ($50.39 each)

Expansive Coverage Pure Back

  • 4 Ionpure (Fast shipping) = $190.37 ($47.59 each)

Deluxe Family Pure Pack 

  • 5 Ionpure (Fast shipping) = $223.96 (44.79 each)

Your order will be shipped directly to your house in 12-48 hours. It is crucial to note that your order could take two days to get shipped. You may have to wait for five to six days for effective delivery. 

Do they provide any refund policy?

The Ionpure manufacturers provide a 30-day, 100% money-back policy on the product. If you are unhappy with the Ionpure appliance after using it for 30 days, contact the customer care center. You will be sent a full refund of your order. It promises no hidden charges. 

IonPure Reviews – Final Verdict

In this IonPure review, we analyzed the various aspects of this air purifier along with its working as well as various customer reviews. From the Ionpure reviews that we saw, it can be said that the device is indeed effective in removing foul odors and other impurities in the air surrounding us. Many users also testified how the product helped them get over their allergies and provided a good night’s sleep.

The Ionpure air wellness device which is seen to be made in the US, does promote fresh air and overall health maintenance. It is also seen to have the advantages of ease of setup, discrete design, economy, and zero maintenance.

The negative ion emission process is laudable. Also, it’s a silent operation. Ionpure device supplies fresh air and good sleep which serves to engender overall maintenance of health. Considering the weight of the pros and benefits peculiar to the product, Ionpure air purifier can be said to be a must addition for every household and office facing difficulties of bad air or odors. 

IonPure Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How does this Ionpure air-cleaning solution work?

The air-purifying device works by using healthy negative ions to collect dust in the air and then purify it for fresh breath. 

3. What if the smell persists in my room?

Customer testimonials are positive about the efficacy of this product and by its design and modes of use, it is believed to purify your room air to the finish point. No smell is likely to stay. But you can claim the money-back policy if it is not to your satisfaction.

2. How do I use the Ionpure device?

IonPure air purifier device can be used in three modes: If the button at the top of the gadget is given a left push, the blue LED light comes and the ionization goes off. In mode 2, when the button is pushed right, upon noise or sound detection, the ionization process is triggered and the LED light comes on. Mode 3 is attained by a continuous push to the button to the right until it stays in the rightmost position. At this point, the blue LED light goes off while the ionization process keeps on. This process is halted by either removing it from the socket or reversing it to mode 1.

4. How many of them should I get?

There is no specification of the quantity you can order. Your number choice is dependent on where you need them for and your affordability at the time of purchase.

5. Who else needs an Ionpure air purifier aside from me?

Anyone can use the device. You could place an order even if you are not sick or you need permanent relief from allergies, asthma, and other health issues. It has been found to offer overall health benefits. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The perspectives and views expressed in the post are solely those of the sponsor and author and do not represent the views of SDGLN.

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