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The Grain Elevators Of Edgeley Caught Fire: Crews Are Battling



The Grain Elevators Of Edgeley Caught Fire Crews Are Battling

On Friday evening, the grain Elevators of Edgeley caught Fire, and firefighters were brought to the place to control the Fire.

It was risky because the building was situated near a residential area. Not only this but also different business complexes were situated just near the elevator. There were railroad tracks on the other side of the road. Most of the people took shelter in a nearby Church. 

Not much information is known about the total loss reported. The Agencies are, however, working towards determining the actual cause of the Fire.

No clue is available for the time being, but it will be discovered very soon. This information is important so that the mistakes committed this time are not committed the next time. 

The most important concern this time was the spread of Fire. Edgeley is a very small town of just 585 people. The buildings and the monuments are very clustered and the Fire could have easily spread thereby burning the entire City.

It has further necessitated the discovery of the actual cause behind the Fire. The loss of property and lives have also not been reported so far. 

Where Is The Elevator? 

It is probably owned by Dakota Plains agriculture Limited. This elevator is responsible for providing marketing to different types of grains. It deals with certified seeds and seed cleaning. Activities such as grain dying can also be conducted easily in this place.

The Grain Elevators Of Edgeley Caught Fire Crews Are Battling

The statement was posted by the company on Saturday that the Fire has broken into this elevator and they are assisting the local authorities in the best possible way they can. 

But no injury has been sustained by any employee and everybody is safe for the time being. The statement has been officially confirmed by the chief executive officer of the company. This could have been able to cause damage to property and life if the Fire entered the wooden elevator first. But even due to the existing damage the elevator collapsed to an extent because it was burning for a lot of time. 

The fire department of the city was immediately called in order to control the Fire. In fact, the assistance of the nearby departments belonging to the neighboring cities of Kulm and LaMoure was also called in order to control the building which was set ablaze. All the required infrastructure was brought to the place as soon as possible. 

The debris was collected on the spot so that no inconvenience or nuisance is caused to bystanders. The entire situation has basically reinforced the need of having a proper mechanism to prevent Fire at any cost.

This is actually essential for the protection of the life of all the people who are working there and also for the protection of the nearby buildings. The incidence of Fire cannot be taken so tightly and everything must be strictly monitored. Risk cannot be avoided completely but an attempt should be made to minimize it as far as possible. 


The entire factor has been taken into consideration by the company, and now it is working in collaboration with different types of institutions in order to develop a new design for the elevator so that the chances of short circuits are reduced.

This is definitely very important. It will require investment but this is something for the good of the people and must be incorporated as soon as possible. It is probably the best way to control loss. The grain elevator incident will always be remembered in history. 

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