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Power Rangers Star Jason David Frank’s Cause Of Death Disclosed



Power Rangers Star Jason David Frank’s Cause Of Death Disclosed

Power Rangers is an American entertainment franchise that aired on TV. It is based on the Japanese franchise Super Sentai. Power Rangers is one of the most popular entertainment shows which enticed the audience from 1993 till date.

The latest news to do the rounds is that of the death of the Power Ranger’s star Jason David Frank. The star died on November 19, and his death has been shrouded in mystery ever since. His wife, Tammie Frank has come forward, with the actual reasons behind his death. For the full story, read this complete news article.

Story Behind The Death Of Jason David Frank Revealed

According to his spouse, the star has died by suicide. Everybody who has watched the Power Rangers, probably knows about him, for the portrayal of the Green Power Ranger. He supposedly died on November 19, by suicide.

Story Behind The Death Of Jason David Frank Revealed

The star, who was of 49 years, had planned an outing with his wife, on that fateful weekend. Jason David Frank happens to be a very well-known personality, but he lived a very normal life. He faced many upheavals in his personal space, like any other person.

From the moment the news of the death of her husband reached the media, she has been facing a lot of harassment online. For the unversed, Tammie got married to Jason almost 19 years ago. According to her, his tragic end has caused a huge shock to her as well.

Tammie went on to say that like any other couple, they too had their good as well as bad times. However, she was in the dark about his intentions. He had been suffering from psychological issues for quite some time. However, no one had thought that he would take such a drastic step.

Tammie Frank reveals how they had planned to go out dancing that weekend. They even stayed at the bar until it downed the shutters. She also revealed that they had to stay in separate rooms due to his snoring issues. However, she had later shifted to his room.

What Happened Thereafter Shocked One And All?

After sharing some nice moments in the room, Tammie went down to get snacks. But, when she returned, he would not open the door. That is when she called the police, and they helped her to break in.

After the news of his death went public, different people made baseless assumptions and many held Tammie responsible for his death. That is when Tammie Frank had to come out in public to reveal all that she had experienced.

She has also requested the media and the online community, to allow her to grieve in peace. She has also asked everybody who loved him, including his fans, to remember him for the great star he was. Jason David Frank was a popular star, and he was known for his roles as Tommy Oliver, or better still the Green Power Ranger. He starred in the original that aired on TV from 1993 to 1995.

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All the viewers, who loved the show, simply loved him as the Green Power Ranger. He appeared in season 1, initially as the bad guy, but later became the good one. After he lost some of his powers, he was converted into the White Power Ranger and he led the pack.

In the latest interview, Tammie Frank also revealed that there were marital tensions in her home, especially after her daughter Shayla died some time back. She also has a son with Jason. From that time onwards, tensions brewed up in their life, and she thinks that is completely normal.

Everybody is fighting mental issues in today’s competitive world, and Jason seems to be one of them. It was just that she did not know that Jason would take such an extreme step. That seems to stop all the speculation at the moment.  

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