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Compassionate Autism Parenting: Tools, Strategies, and Encouragement




Every parent puts the happiness, safety, health, and overall well-being of their child first. They are the most important person in their lives, hence whenever they receive some bad news concerning their well-being, it scares them to the maximum.

If you recently found out that your kid was diagnosed with autism, then you are probably very shocked and frightened right now, which is completely understandable. That’s especially the case if you aren’t familiar with autism as much.

But do not allow that fear to stop you from doing different things that can greatly benefit your little one. If you’re not sure how you’re supposed to handle this situation, then just take a look at these tips below.

Do You Have Any Doubts? Act Immediately!

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when it comes to this is that they notice particular symptoms that may be related to this health condition, but they still do not do anything about it.

Why is that? Well, that’s because they are trying to convince themselves that there’s nothing wrong with their kiddo. Bear in mind that understanding autism statistics is very important and that it showcases that autism is not as rare as you may think it is. In fact, according to it, four in one hundred boys, and one in one hundred girls have it.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your child has it too, however, there’s no point in postponing anything. Keep reminding yourself that the sooner you find out the truth, the sooner you’ll begin with the right treatment.

Autism isn’t something that will just simply go away. With the proper treatment, it surely gets better, but in order to receive one, you first need to get the official diagnosis. In these types of situations, early intervention is the key.

It’s Important To Be Positive As Much As Possible

We know that it’s easier said than done and that it’s hard to remain positive when you’re dealing with an issue that’s related to your kid, however, it’s worth mentioning, that it’s been proven several times in the past, that a vast majority of children with autism respond amazingly when they are surrounded by parents who practice positive reinforcement.

This means that whenever they do something right, you should praise them. Not only will your little one feel great, but it will also make you feel better. When you praise them, try to be as specific as you can, meaning to accentuate the specific thing you liked about their behavior.

You should reward them each time they do something nice. It can either be in the form of the food they thoroughly enjoy (such as sweets, cakes, snacks), or some activity, such as going to the movies, extra playtime, etc.

In other words, just like any other parent, you need to accept your kids as they are. Acknowledge all their virtues and flaws, and simply love them. That’s what every child deserves.

Do Not Be Too Hard On Yourself

Unfortunately, a lot of parents who have autistic children have a tendency to be too hard on themselves, believing that they aren’t good enough. But what they fail to realize is that they are more than good.

In fact, they are spectacular. Keep in mind that raising an autistic kid isn’t always easy. It’s a journey that’s filled with challenges, hurdles, and pitfalls that may at times completely break your spirit.

Most parents do whatever is in their power to help their kiddos lead a normal life, and even then, they still do not think they are doing a good job. What you need to realize is that no one is perfect.

Your little one isn’t asking for an ideal parent, but a person who’s going to be there every step of the way, and who is going to be a good supporting system. If you manage to provide your child with that, then you’ve succeeded as a parent.

Develop A Solid Routine

It’s been concluded numerous times in the past that kids with autism flourish when they live in a structured environment. That’s exactly why it’s crucial to establish a solid routine that’s going to make your little one feel safe and protected.

This schedule should include things like meal time, playtime, bedtime, or any other activity that you regularly do with your kiddo. In order to help your child understand all of this much better, it would be smart if you utilized tools such as visual timers, and picture schedules.

Use Non-Verbal Ways To Connect With Your Kid

It’s not always easy to communicate and connect with an autistic child, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t different ways you two can bond. You do not need to always rely on talking, because, don’t forget that you can communicate with your kiddo through body language, or touching as well.

If your child isn’t capable of talking to you, then you need to think of non-verbal ways to establish normal and crystal-clear communication. If you are focused and observant enough, you’ll be able to easily understand what your kid is trying to say.

For starters, you should concentrate on the sounds and gestures he or she makes. The same goes for their facial expressions. At times, your child might misbehave because they feel misunderstood.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to uncover the reasons behind their tantrum, however, as time goes by, you’ll get used to these things, and will be able to see why your kiddo is acting in a certain way.

Sometimes, your child will throw tantrums because he/she feels ignored, which is the case with most kids, including the ones who have autism. In these instances, it’s essential to try to figure out what’s causing your kid to be upset and then think of ways to calm him or her down.


No one ever said that this journey is going to be easy, however, it’s easy to see that there are so many things that you can do that are going to help you give your child the best possible life. And if by any chance, you need any help, do not ever be afraid to seek it.

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