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Bob Costas: NBC's Olympics broadcast won't ignore Russia's anti-gay laws

Bob Costas, the face of NBC’s primetime Sochi Olympics coverage, recently made headlines by telling the Associated Press that he was more interested in interviewing President Vladimir Putin about Russia’s controversial anti-gay laws than in offering his own commentary.

Jim Winsor's Out & About: Atlantis Cruises boycotting Russia

Jim Winsor is back from his cruise and has some updates about the 2014 Atlantis Cruise lineup! Also, Thanksgiving is almost here and the days before the holiday are always very popular nights out!

Gay rights protest greets opening night at the Met

After the lights dimmed for the Metropolitan Opera’s Russian-themed opening night gala, the first solo voice that rang out in the house was not of a tenor or soprano, but of a protester criticizing the recent antigay laws signed by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Obama, Cameron in Russia, raise concerns about LGBT issues

U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron each have made clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin this week that they are concerned about the abuse of LGBT rights in the vast nation stretching from eastern Europe to Asia.