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Russian court ruling bans gay group from 2014 Winter Olympics

“The court’s decision discriminates against LGBTI Russians by denying them the right to freedom of association simply because they are gay. The court’s flawed reasoning equates the struggle with homophobia and ‘extremist activities’ that may threaten Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Protests at Russian Embassies worldwide condemn anti-gay law

In solidarity with the coalition of Russian human rights organizations opposing the law, the flash-mobs delivered 300,000 signatures collected worldwide that demonstrate the level of global opposition to this proposed law, and employ creative visuals sending a loud and clear message to the Governor of St. Petersburg, who has the power to veto the law: “Don’t Go There Saint Petersburg.”

In Russia, St. Petersburg passes law to silence gay people

The Russian city of St. Petersburg today approves a bill that will impose fines of up to $16,700 for the “promotion of homosexuality.” If signed into law, it will criminalize reading, writing, speaking or reporting on anything related to LGBT people, and will make illegal almost all activity related to defending or promoting LGBT equality.

COMMENTARY: How you can help fight anti-gay laws in Russia

By asking the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Committee to prioritize the case of Bayev and Fedotova, you can make a difference, globally.