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San Diego

Poinsettias' connection to San Diego

Did you know that about 70% of the poinsettias purchased in the United States and about 50% of those sold worldwide get their start right here in San Diego?

City Clerk narrows down mayoral election date

KPBS reported San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland tentatively narrowed down the date of the election to replace Bob Filner to early February, most likely on the 4th or 11th, although she noted that it will ultimately be up to the City Council to set the date.

Mayoral candidate David Alvarez says San Diego has a "bright future"

San Diegans will head to the polls tomorrow for a special election to select the city's next mayor. While there are 11 candidates vying for the job, four are considered to be front-runners, including current City Councilmember David Alvarez.

COMMENTARY: To be monogamous or not?

The practice of polyamory was once thought to be an absurd issue to explore as a relationship choice. But today's it's not, opines SDGLN contributor the Rev. Irene Monroe.