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Back Out With Benny: Mixing the holidays with community

Sometimes the number of events taking place within our community gets tiring — even for the most seasoned of socialites — but I remind myself how fortunate I am to live in a place and be part of a community (since I was 16 years old, nearly 20 years now) that offers me such a wide variety of options to mix, connect, meet new people, and to raise funds and support for great causes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: Hillcrest celebrates Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and tonight many bars and clubs in the neighborhood will be hosting special parties and events in honor of the occasion. A few places will even be open tomorrow as well.

Jim Winsor's Out & About: Atlantis Cruises boycotting Russia

Jim Winsor is back from his cruise and has some updates about the 2014 Atlantis Cruise lineup! Also, Thanksgiving is almost here and the days before the holiday are always very popular nights out!