The Whitaker Family Story: The Shocking Story of the Whitaker Family in West Virginia

Whitaker Family Story

Without garnering immense strength no one can easily read this article as it is depicting the nerve-writhing Whitaker family story in West Virginia. The Hollywood series would take a back seat when they had to compete with this reality. The story came to the spotlight when Mark Laita depicted the story of this family in the book Equally Created. The writer had to hang between life and death to make this documentary. so let us have a comprehensive look into the Whitaker family and explore the frightening story behind it.

Let Us Explore the Intimidating Whitaker Family Story

Who are the Whitakers?

As per sources, this whitaker family lives in an unhealthy unkempt condition and they are of British descent. This family consists of siblings named Ray, Lorraine, Freddie an unnamed sister, and the only cousin they have, Tommy. Freddie was lucky that the angels came for him in the form of a heart attack.

Whitaker Family Story

We had only seen these incestuous relationships in novels and movies, but when we come to West Virginia the story is nakedly true. The story can be related to the story of Colt Clan, where the brutal clan assaulted his very own daughters to make kids in order to make them pure.

What Caused Whitaker’s Uncanny Predicament?

So as per sources, this whitaker family is inbred, which means the sisters in the family openly shared a sexual relationship with their own brothers. And the result was these offspring with genetic issues.

The secret of the Whitaker family story was concealed beneath the soil for ages and more about this individual’s parents or where they hail from is unknown. Mark Laita had to endure massive impediments and threats to make their story into the world.

The conspiracy theory hovering in the sky is that this family would be very much related to one of the old British Royal family as their age suggests they are in their old ages and why they are guarded by these deputies is a question that needs to be ruminated.

As we dig into the royal history of British people, they are no strangers to having incestuous relationships even in the past. As we all know, Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousins were inbreds and they all suffered from this unapologetic deformity. And in order to not make the world know about these secrets happening in the chamber of the British royal family, they kept these children in dark cells and left them to rot.

So the reason for hiding the Whitaker family from the world is something unusual and some people are still trying to protect their reputation in order to make that they are hiding these Whitaker family members.

Mark Laita Documentary Entails

Mark Laita had to endure struggles that would be incomprehensible. The video that she recorded garnered dislikes more, but eventually, the views crossed over 25 million. As studies have stated that these offspring of inbreeding would definitely be born with recessive genetic disorders.

The main cause of inbreeding is this sort of deformity and the children born from such relationships would be suffering from acute lung function disorders, heart diseases, and other major issues.

Umpteen scientists and doctors vociferously claimed that this sort of inbreeding could make the kids at heavy risk and they would have to live a hell-like life with these sorts of genetic deformities.

Mark Laita Documentary Entails

As per sources, Lorraine, Ray, and their cousin Timmy suffer from a mental condition that is undiagnosed. And when we see their impoverished living condition we would wonder how they are surviving in such conditions. Mark Laita visited this family four times and he even had to bestow them with gifts financially and materialistically to make them speak.

Mark Laita recalled: “The individuals in this video are brothers and sisters except for Timmy who is a cousin. There is no way I would be able to confirm that the Whitaker parents were related, but given that this does happen in this part of the country and the Whitakers are the most extreme case I have seen so far, I would bet that inbreeding was at least partly responsible for the mental and physical abnormalities seen in Lorraine, Freddie, Ray, and Timmy”.

West Virginia’s reputation in inbreeding precedes even now and it is stated that such unapologetic practices have a long connection to the state’s poverty. So now the country has implemented anti-incest laws but in some parts of the country, there still exists the antiquated notion of first cousins getting married.

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Where Can We Watch the Whitaker Family’s Documentary?

As per sources, the documentary of the struggling whitaker family is streaming on Amazon prime. Those who have an account on Amazon prime could easily watch this real-life documentary and could learn how pathetic their life is. This is such great work done by Mark Laita and he would be forever remembered for this magnum opus.

Weirdly Protective Neighbors and the Whitaker Family Residence

The Whitaker family currently lives in an odd city in West Virginia, and as Mark Laita stated the neighbours of this family are weirdly protective, and if anyone tries to capture the photos of the individuals they would be chased away. More details about their parents are unknown and why they are been protected in such a weird way is yet to be known.
So by overcoming all the struggles it was Mark Laita who had the courage to bring out this shocking story of the Whitaker family from beneath the soil.

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