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Moodozi Reviews: Can This Light Therapy Lamp Help Alleviate SAD Symptoms?



Moodozi Review

Are you having the winter blues? Do you think it is getting increasingly difficult to function normally during the colder seasons? 

You might be having a poor circadian rhythm which can lead to all kinds of health problems ranging from mood disorders to diabetes and depression. 

Light therapy has become a popular method of balancing your hormone levels for supporting a healthy circadian rhythm in a natural way.

Moodozi ReviewsIs This Lamp Harmful To Your Skin & Eyes If Used Extensively?

But most lamps emit harmful UV light that can damage your skin and eyes when used extensively. 

This Moodozi review going to reveal a lamp that is specially made to restore a healthy circadian rhythm and regulate good mood while producing zero UV light emissions. 

Continue reading our Moodozi reviews to learn more about this therapy lamp, and find out why it is selling out in record time in America during the winter. 

Moodozi Reviews
Product NameMoodozi
CategoryLight Therapy Lamp
AimHelp overcome the symptoms of SAD & restore a healthy circadian rhythm
Unique FeaturesHigh-Intensity Light 
Touch Control
Color Temperature Adjustment
Portable Design
USB Powered
Auto Timer 
BenefitsImprove sleep
Boost mood
Increase energy
Enhance focus
Daily usage time30 minutes each day
Warranty Period3 years warranty
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
AvailabilityAvailable only on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Moodozi?

Moodozi is a light therapy lamp that is designed to help overcome the symptoms of SAD (seasonally affective disorder) and restore a healthy circadian rhythm. It is made with special LEDs that mimic the exact brightness and hue of the sun and substitute the need for the type of sunlight you need anywhere anytime. 

Moodozi lamp works according to the principles of light therapy which gets your circadian rhythm back in sync to support healthy bodily functions and helps you remain active and energetic. 

Unlike most other therapy lamps, Moodozi lamp does not emit harmful levels of UV rays which are known to cause skin and eye damage when they are used regularly. 

You can adjust the levels of brightness in the lamp to simulate bright morning light for increasing energy and concentration or reduce the intensity for a cozy evening glow and getting ready to sleep. You can use the Moodozi light therapy lamp every day and it comes with an auto timer that shuts itself off. 

It has a sleek and portable design so you can carry it anywhere easily and is USB powered so you can even connect it to your laptop. 

How Does Moodozi help reduce SAD symptoms?

Moodozi portable lamp is designed to alleviate symptoms of mood problems during the winter including symptoms of SAD with light therapy. 

Constant tiredness, feelings of hopelessness, sleep problems, trouble concentrating, and even suicidal thoughts, are all symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. One major cause of this condition is the imbalance of hormone levels that is disturbing your body’s natural circadian rhythm. 

The circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock that is regulated by light and darkness during a full day. As the nights get longer during winter, there are fewer daylight hours which affects the production of cortisol and melatonin levels. This unbalanced hormone production affects your energy and causes low mood and irregular eating patterns, cravings, etc. 

Light therapy is known to have positive effects on mood and helps balance the circadian rhythm, manage sleep and eating patterns, etc. It can also reduce anxiety and depression according to some studies published in the National Library of Medicine. 

Who is the Creator of Moodozi light therapy lamp?

Moodozi SAD light therapy lamp is designed and developed by a startup firm based in Alaska. They were fed up with Alaska’s 24-hour winter nights that were causing many cases of SAD and wanted to do something to help people overcome this problem.  

Most prescription pills meant for treating the symptoms were known to bring a host of side effects so they wanted to avoid this drawback. 

The team collaborated with other groups of scientists and psychiatrists to develop an affordable system to treat SAD with natural light therapy. One major issue with the light therapy available was dealing with harmful UV rays. The team specifically made Moodozi lamps free from UV radiation to avoid their side effects.

As a startup company, they were able to cut costs and save money on expensive imports of materials, manual labor, and massive factory bills. So they are able to offer their device at affordable prices at occasional discounts. 

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What will you get with Moodozi Lamp?

As per the Moodozi reviews, below given are the benefits offered by Moodozi lamp regularly:

  • Increased Mood: By balancing your circadian rhythm and alleviating the symptoms of SAD, the Moodozi therapy lamp helps you remain happier throughout the year motivated.
  • Boosts Energy Levels: With Moodozi SAD lamp, you won’t have to rely on caffeine to stay energetic the whole day. You will be able to support increased energy levels naturally without harming your body.
  • Improves Mental Strength: Moodozi compact lamp can help provide cognitive benefits by eliminating brain fog, increasing concentration and mental energy, and being more productive during the day.
  • Improves Sleep: By balancing the body’s hormone levels such as cortisol and melatonin, you will have improved sleep quality at night.
  • Safe and Natural: The Moodozi light therapy lamp is 100% free from harmful UV radiation. 
Moodozi Benefits

Does Moodozi SAD Light Therapy Lamp offer Legitimate Benefits?

The benefits of Moodozi SAD lamp are based on the potent effects of light therapy to treat mood disorder conditions. 

Research has consistently shown that light therapy can help improve various circadian rhythm disorders such as premenstrual syndrome, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD, Insomnia, Jet Lag, Shift Work disorder, ADHD, and many conditions including non-seasonal depression. 

Moodozi reviews on the internet shows, thousands of users have found great improvements in their mood and have reported better sleeping patterns. The Moodozi manufacturer has even offered a 30-day money-back guarantee policy as a trial period to test the effectiveness of light therapy using this device. 

Pros and Cons of Moodozi Lamp 


  • Helps alleviate winter blues, symptoms of SAD, and other mood problems.
  • Helps increase energy and concentration levels
  • Comes in a sleek and modern design with adjustable brightness settings
  • Portable design with an adjustable stand 
  • Touch control and auto timer features 
  • USB-powered and compatible with all devices with the port
  • Does not produce UV light
  • 30-days moneyback guarantee


  • May not be that effective for severe cases
  • Results can vary from person to person

How to use Moodozi Light therapy lamp?

Turn on the Moodozi portable light therapy lamp and place it somewhere near you after adjusting the stand to make sure the light hits your face from where it’s placed. You don’t have to look directly at the light, but make sure that it hits all over your face and especially on your eyes. 

Bask in the light for 20 to 60 minutes every morning, depending on your individual needs. You can increase the duration if you feel like it does not make a difference even after 60 minutes of exposure. 

Remember that using Moodozi SAD lamp for too long can cause feelings of discomfort so work with an experienced clinician to figure out the right dose for you.

How safe is Moodozi Lamp For Your Body?

Moodozi lamps are generally considered safe for adults and children alike. Although some users have reportedly experienced anxiety and headaches and early awakenings, most of these symptoms disappeared within a few days.

It is still recommended to start with smaller session lengths and keep the lamp farther away from your face when you start using them. If you experience any temporary eye problems discontinue use immediately until the problems subside and consider consulting a professional before the next use. 

If you have any eye conditions or have a history of eye diseases in your family, please consult your ophthalmologist before starting to use SAD lamps. 

What are the dimensions of Moodozi & how many watts does it consume?

Moodozi SAD lamps come in sizes: 6.30” x 5.50” x 0.40” inches and have a known power consumption relating to 10.3 watts. 

Moodozi Lamp Dimensions
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Where should You find Moodozi light therapy lamps at the best price?

If you have noticed irregular mood problems such as increased fatigue and brain fog and feelings of helplessness during the winter, then it is best to get a light therapy lamp like Moodozi at least one month before winter. 

You will be able to support a better circadian rhythm and avoid the problems associated with longer night cycles during the season. 

The Moodozi lamp makers are currently running a huge discount sale that has slashed the prices by 40%, so this is a great time to get a Moodozi lamp.

You can get Moodozi light therapy lamps from their official website in the following package variants that can be used by you and your family:

  • $59.99 for the single pack (1)
  • $94.98 for the studio pack (2)
  • $169.97 for the expansive pack (4)
  • $199.96 for the deluxe family pack (5)

All units of Moodozi lamps ordered from their official website come with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy that allows you to try out this device for one full month to see how it works for you. 

How quickly will I see the results with Moodozi?

According to the Moodozi reviews, most users claimed that they found improvements in their problems within 1-2 weeks of using the lamp. However, the time it takes to notice results can vary from person to person depending on the severity of the condition and several other factors. For those with moderate to severe SAD, it can take longer for their bodies to adjust and improve their circadian rhythm.

Moodozi Reviews – Conclusion

Moodozi SAD light therapy lamps are a great option for supporting your natural light therapy sessions to combat all kinds of mood disorder problems. It is a great alternative to taking pills every day which can cause severe side effects.

They are very easy to use and do not produce any harmful UV radiation, so they can be used regularly. 

Many Moodozi users have reported increased energy levels and better moods. The portability of the device makes it easy to carry them anywhere you like to support your treatment. The auto timer feature makes it very convenient to help support better sleep at night while not worrying about switching off the lamp. 

With fast winter approaching, now is a good time to get a SAD lamp if you plan to get one. The Moodozi device is currently available at almost half the price and they come with a reliable 30-day money-back guarantee as well. Considering all the Moodozi reviews, this light therapy lamp is worth a try.

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Note that this article is not penned by a professional but by an advertiser. Before making any purchases, make sure to carry out detailed research and analysis of the products and services offered. Also, before purchasing any products or services, remember that the advice given for financial or material gains should be followed at your own risk. SDGLN does not endorse any products or services mentioned in this article.

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