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NeuroTonix Reviews – Potential Risks Exposed in New Report



Are you someone who has problems with your memory and has been trying medicines and therapies that did not provide any results? You should know that there could be a reason behind it and this NeuroTonix review can give you the reason and a solution.

Memory or cognitive health is something that we cannot compromise on, it’s so crucial to lead a healthy and productive life. You need to remember things, like dates, events, tasks, and much more. If you keep forgetting, or if you have a bad memory it will affect your day-to-day life, your career, and personal relations.

A recent study conducted by a reputed institution found a cause for memory loss. They say it’s triggered when the brain is drowned in sugar. The neural networks that are the building blocks of memory get covered in sugar, these sugar crystals make these networks brittle and eventually they break down and take with them crucial memories that have stayed perfect for years or even decades. It might sound scary but there are solutions to this problem.

NeuroTonix is a dietary supplement that is designed to meet these kinds of problems. If you are someone who is suffering from memory loss, read along with this NeuroTonix review to know more about this incredible supplement, its ingredients, how it works, its side effects, and much more.

What Exactly Is NeuroTonix?

NeuroTonix is a proprietary blend of around 3.6 billion probiotic strains of 5 different kinds of bacteria along with a collection of 5 other strong plant extracts that work together in harmony to help you clear the brain fog, boost focus, and concentration, and improve memory and recall.

NeuroTonix cognitive health support formula helps solve the problem of your brain getting drowned in sugar, it helps in letting your brain gain back the control of the sugar needed and supports memory retention. These probiotic strains are scientifically proven to be beneficial to your cognitive health and the plant extracts also help in achieving that.

Quick Overview:

Product NameNeuroTonix
Overall Ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐(4.8/5) 
Focus OnTreating brain fog and improving overall brain health
Key Ingredients
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri
  • B.lactis BL-04®
  • Salivarius A2
  • Salivarius B
  • Inulin
  • Peppermint
  • Tricalcium Phosphate
  • Strawberry
    Age LimitAny adults
    Intended ForBoth men and women
  • Non-GMO
  • No Stimulants
  • Non-Habit Forming
  • Easy To Use
  • Gluten-Free
  • Natural Formula
  • Directions To UseTake 1 tablet daily and dissolve it in your mouth or chew slowly
    Results Expected In 2 to 3 months
    Side EffectsMinimal
    Free Bonuses
  • Top 10 Science-Backed Tips To Learn Faster And Remember More
  • How To Get A Clear Sharp Mind In 7 Days
  • Price $69 per bottle
    Money-back Guarantee60 days
    AvailabilityOfficial Website (Only)
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    NeuroTonix ingredients

    Probiotics are the new advanced remedy that is attracting the attention of millions around the globe. Bacteria that are beneficial to our body are being externally provided to treat various symptoms.

    According to NeuroTonix reviews, the formula contains around 3.5 billion probiotic strains. The NeuroTonix ingredients are natural, it’s gluten-free and non-GMO with no use of stimulants and it’s also non-habit forming.

    • Lactobacillus Paracasei

    Lactobacillus paracasei can be found in babies and fermented milk. It is known to be a good immunity booster. It has properties that support better cognitive function. It has antioxidant content that helps in clearing oxidative stress. It also helps in blood sugar regulation. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation, it also has the ability to improve nutrient absorption and it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

    • Lactobacillus Reuteri

    Lactobacillus reuteri is known to have strong memory-boosting properties and it supports long-term brain health. This bacteria produces an antimicrobial compound reuterin which inhibits the growth of several harmful bacteria and fungi. It also helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Studies prove this strain of bacteria to have properties that improve the immune system, and the ability to strengthen the intestinal barrier.

    • B.lactis BL-04

    Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04 is known to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria. It is also known to improve your gut health, support the absorption of nutrients, and also help in maintaining a healthy weight. Studies have found this strain of bacteria to be effective in improving digestion, enhancing immunity, and lowering cholesterol levels.  

    • Salivarius A2

    Salivarius A2 is a probiotic that is specially designed by a team of New Zealand scientists that helps in protecting the brain against the damage caused by extra sugar. A probiotic strain named streptococcus salivarius K12 produces two lantibiotics and salivarius A2 is one among them. These have antimicrobial properties that work well against antibiotic-resistant strains.

    • Salivarius B

    Salivarius B is a probiotic designed by a team of scientists in New Zealand and it has several health benefits. This can help your body in fighting infections. This is one of the two lantibiotics produced by the bacterial strain streptococcus salivarius K12. It has antibiotic properties.

    • Inulin

    Inulin is produced by plants as an energy source. Studies have found that inulin supplementation shows improvement in episodic memory. It’s the memory related to recall and recognition. It helps in improving learning capacity. It is also helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and digestion, it also has properties that help in blood sugar control.

    • Peppermint

    Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is known for its health benefits and is widely used all over the world. A study published by NIH found peppermint to have the ability to enhance memory. It is known to reduce pain, and it also has antimicrobial properties that have been effective against several different types of bacterial strains. 

    • Tricalcium Phosphate

    Tricalcium phosphate contains calcium and phosphate which are essential minerals for the proper functioning of our body. This helps in maintaining bone density as we age and the phosphate promotes better absorption of calcium. This is also known to boost probiotic action. This also promotes cognitive health and helps clear brain fog.

    • Strawberry 

    Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) is used for its rich glucose content. It is also rich in nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for our health. These are known to improve heart health and lower blood sugar levels. It contains plant compounds like pelargonidin, ellagic acid, ellagitannins, and procyanidins that offer several health benefits.

    NeuroTonix Ingredients

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    How does NeuroTonix function?

    NeuroTonix brain health supplement is made using 3.5 billion probiotic strains consisting of 5 different species of bacteria that are scientifically proven to be beneficial to us. It also contains a blend of 4 other plant-based ingredients and minerals that works to provide memory benefits.

    Memory loss is caused by the brain and neural networks getting drowned in sugar, NeuroTonix prevents this from happening by giving the brain control over the quantity of sugar it needs. The NeuroTonix ingredients also have clinically proven properties that make them support cognitive health and good memory retention. 

    NeuroTonix dosage guidelines

    The recommended dosage for NeuroTonix dietary supplement is a capsule a day. You can take one or two on a daily basis, and keep it in your mouth as it slowly dissolves. If you are a bit impatient, you can chew the tablet too. It works the same.

    Each bottle of NeuroTonix memory booster supplement contains 30 dissolving tablets and would last you for a month. This is all you need to do to gain back your ability to retain information and remember things.  

    supplement facts

    NeuroTonix side effects – How safe it is?

    NeuroTonix capsules have no known side effects, there have been no reports of side effects or any adversities faced by the users and it’s not surprising as the ingredients used in the manufacture of this supplement are 100% natural. These are gluten-free, non-GMO, contain no stimulants, and are non-habit forming.

    NeuroTonix brain booster is manufactured in the US in a facility that is FDA-approved and GMP-certified. Still, it’s always recommended to show the bottle to your doctor before you start a supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing or if you are already under a prescription just to keep your mind at ease.

    NeuroTonix price list

    Considering the effort and science that has gone into the NeuroTonix manufacture and the results it’s offering, I thought this supplement to be really costly, but they have listed it for a reasonable price. Also if you are buying more than a bottle you would get additional discounts. 

    • 1 Bottle: $69 per bottle
    • 3 Bottles: $59 per bottle + 2 Free ebooks 
    • 6 Bottles: $49 per bottle + 2 Free ebooks

    All three packages come with free shipping if you are ordering from the US. 

    Click Here To Order NeuroTonix Supplement From The Official Website

    Bonuses offered with NeuroTonix purchase

    When you are buying more than a bottle of NeuroTonix dietary supplement you are getting bonuses worth $176 along with the additional discounts in price. This gives maximum value for the money and makes the deal such a steal.

    • Bonus 1: Top 10 Science-Backed Tips To Learn Faster And Remember More.

    This ebook contains 10 proven techniques that help in boosting your memory and retention. This is a good book to kickstart your brain-healing journey.

    • Bonus 2: How To Get A Clear Sharp Mind In 7 Days

    This ebook contains special information on a technique using the nose to clear brain fog, a sleeping position that is very popular among MENSA members. 

    NeuroTonix Bonus

    Where to buy NeuroTonix?

    NeuroTonix cognitive health support formula can be bought through the company’s official website and it’s an easy process. There are 3 packages to choose from, after picking the desired package you can fill in the billing details and make the payment to get your order placed. It will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

    NeuroTonix brain booster is only available through the website, it is not listed on Amazon or other online or offline outlets. By cutting down middlemen they are able to reduce the prices and make it reach more people. It also helps them in having total control over the product which helps in maintaining the quality of the product.

    The supplement also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are someone who is planning to buy NeuroTonix capsules I would leave the link to the official site below for your ease of access.

    NeuroTonix customer reviews and complaints

    People who have been suffering from memory loss and difficulty in focusing were so pleased with this supplement and the results they got from it. They started noticing the changes within weeks of usage.

    I found so many NeuroTonix reviews on the internet and I went through as many as I could, and this supplement seems legit to me. Some people have said that they weren’t able to see results as quickly as others. This is quite normal as we all are different and our bodies won’t respond the same, but eventually, as these potential ingredients start to kick in you will get the result.

    Shipping and money-back policy

    When you are ordering NeuroTonix bottle from the US, you don’t have to pay for the shipping charges no matter which package you use, and your order will be delivered to you within 5 to 7 working days. If you are someone from Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand you will have to pay a small shipping fee of $15.95 and your order will be delivered within 10 to 15 working days.

    Within 60 hours of your order being placed, you will get an email containing a tracking ID and a personalized link that can be used to track your shipment. If you have doubts or queries regarding NeuroTonix or its shipment you can contact the company support team who would be happy to help you.

    Every bottle of NeuroTonix probiotic supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which ensures that you are satisfied with the product. This also provides peace of mind when deciding to buy the supplement. It’s almost like a free trial period.

    If you are not satisfied with the NeuroTonix results or have a change of mind you can contact the company and send back the bottles to get a complete refund. There will be a packing slip that comes with the shipment, fill out that form and send back all the bottles used and used back to the company warehouse. As soon as they receive the package they will start the refund process and you will get an email when it’s done.

    Return Address:

    285 Northeast Ave,

    Tallmadge, OH 44278,

    United States

    [email protected]

    Final take on NeuroTonix Reviews

    Memory retention and cognitive health are something that cannot be compromised as it’s very important for day-to-day life. Memory loss can significantly affect your professional and personal life.

    A recent study conducted by a reputed research institute found the reason behind memory loss to be sugar. The brain gets drowned in sugar and these sugar crystals make the neural network brittle after some time this breaks down taking down memory with it.

    NeuroTonix is a totally natural supplement that is specifically designed to solve this problem. It contains probiotics and plant-based ingredients that can help your brain gain back control and prevent memory loss. It is safe with no reports of side effects.

    NeuroTonix brain health supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility and the ingredients are free of gluten and stimulants. It’s non-GMO and non-habit forming.

    All the NeuroTonix reviews from customers and the information about the ingredients support the fact that this supplement is helpful in solving the problem of memory loss and beneficial to overall health.

    The manufacturer offers free delivery for NeuroTonix purchases all over the US and additional discounts when you are buying more than a bottle. It makes it such a good deal considering the amount of money you have to pay for normal medicines.

    NeuroTonix dietary supplement also has a 60-day money-back guarantee which makes sure you are satisfied with the product, because if you are not satisfied they are ready to pay back all the money with no questions asked. If you are someone who has been facing trouble with memory loss, this supplement seems to be an easy and safe recommendation for you. You have nothing to lose, give it a try, it’s worth it. 

    Visit The Official Website To Buy NeuroTonix Pills With 60-Days Money-Back Offer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does NeuroTonix work?

    NeuroTonix capsules are made using probiotics and plant-based ingredients. These potent ingredients help in clearing excess sugar from the brain and the probiotics help in teaching the brain to refuse the sugar helping it gain back control as they repair damages that have been done over the years.

    Is NeuroTonix safe?

    NeuroTonix is safe and it’s made for everyone. It’s free of gluten, and stimulants, and all ingredients are totally natural and clinically proven to be beneficial for health. These are also constantly tested for purity and quality. It is recommended to show the bottle to your doctor before starting, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or already under a prescription; just to keep your mind at ease.

    How to take NeuroTonix?

    NeuroTonix formula is made in the form of easy-to-use tablets, you can take one or two tablets a day and let them melt down in your mouth or chew it down. That’s all you need to do to keep your brain healthy. 

    Is this a one-time payment?

    Yes, you only pay once when you buy NeuroTonix. There are no hidden charges or automatic subscription-based charges that get deducted from your account. So, you don’t have to be worried.

    Can I buy NeuroTonix from Amazon?

    No, you cannot buy NeuroTonix supplements from Amazon or anywhere else other than the company’s official website. This is done to maintain the quality of the product and to reduce the prices by cutting down middlemen.  


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    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The perspectives and views expressed in the post are solely those of the sponsor and author and do not represent the views of SDGLN.

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