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Shelby People Speak Out Against The Transgender Bathroom Policy In Schools



Shelby People Speak Out Against The Transgender Bathroom Policy In Schools

On November 22, 2022, an article was published regarding the parents’ concerns about the use of restrooms by transgenders at Shelby High School. The article explained the concerns of parents over transgender girls using the girls’ restroom at the school.

At a session held by the board of education meeting held in the school, around 25 people came forward putting their parental concerns.

The session included a 75-minute discussion and debate on the issues that parents have concerns about regarding the safety and comfort of their children.     

Shelby Residents Protest Transgender Bathroom Policy In School

Parents of the students raged their concerns saying that they aren’t bothered whether the students or the tutors are transgender or gay or lesbian but rather they only care about public safety.

They even informed that statements concerning such issues were collected from 10 girls in the school who feel uncomfortable with the current situation. Chris Schraedly, a parent, proposed that he came to the session in order to reassure that the kids’ safety is held in higher regard.   

Lorie White, the board president responded that everyone who attended the session kept student safety as their top priority, and because of it, they’ve come together to discuss the matter of concern.

Tim Tarvin, the superintendent, presented the Ohio Law which explains that students could use the restroom of the gender with which they identify themselves. He even assured that the same is happening in numerous other states.

As of the records, he clarifies that ten students at the high school and one from the Pioneer Career & Technology Center identify themselves as transgender. He even said to the media that three transgender girls use the girls’ restroom.

As more rules are made on preventing discrimination against the LGBTQ+ or queer community, every school faces the same issue. He even asked the parents to be conscious that they are here for the betterment of all kids. 

During the open session, Travin explained that the high school has three gender-neutral restrooms that are open to all students. And as per their knowledge, transgender students are utilizing these restrooms.

Even after doing so many parents aren’t fully satisfied. Several mothers who appeared in the session talked about situations that could make their kids uncomfortable. A parent even said that she’d heard a student has used both girls’ and boys’ restrooms back and forth.

But the school’s high school principal John Gies assured the parents that this statement is completely fake and was not real. He even promised that if any kid fakes being transgender in order to use the restroom of another gender, then they’ll be disciplined.

The principal confirmed that the discipline would depend on a number of factors. Also, they guarantee that they’ll deal with such issues and make sure to keep them from happening. 

The parents even complained that the authorities seem like they are afraid of the lawsuit, and because of that, they are not taking any action even after such issues. Since many parents had doubts regarding how the school authorities felt about the situation, they replied that things are handled properly without any hassles.

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The session ended after guaranteeing the parents the safety of their kids. The superintendent explained the district policies clearly after the meeting and declared that they’ll follow the law and make sure to keep everybody safe.    

The Supreme Court of the United States decided not to listen to any cases challenging transgender students’ rights to use restrooms that represent their identity. Also, both the Ohio Attorney General and Ohio’s State Board of Education have expressed their opposition to the proposed federal protections for LGBTQ+ students under Title IX. 

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