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Texas Attorney General Has Asked For A List Of Data On Transgender Adults



Texas Attorney General Has Asked For A List Of Data On Transgender Adults

The office of the Texas attorney general reported that a database on transgender adults is needed to collect as a precautional measure. Attorney General Ken Paxton has made such a decision to protect the life and privacy of LGBTQ and the common people.

The request for the database from the Attorney General’s office has come out on June 30, and they informed the Texas department of public safety, to collect the names and all other information that helps to identify the transgender adults living throughout the state.

As per sources, the Texas Department of public safety has received a communicative message from the Patron’s office saying that they need the total number of gender marker changes on driving licenses since the year 2020 added to their names and the license number as well.

Attorney General Tried Best To Stop The Attack Against Transgender Youth And Adults

Sarah Warbelow, the human rights campaign legal director has released a statement saying that the LGBTQ community in America especially out of Texas is chilling but the case in Texas is contradictory. She also said that weaponizing state agencies and their public records to pinpoint and separate transgender Texans was terrifying to her although it was not that shocking to her.

Texas Attorney General Has Asked For A List Of Data On Transgender Adults

During the year 2022, Attorney General Paxton and Governor Abbot tried their very best to stop the attack against transgender youth and adults. This simply indicates they are ready to go any far against the discrimination against the transgender community. It is reported to have said that the Human Rights Council will stand always with the members of the trans community in Texas and the extremist officials will be accountable.

According to the public records, the DPS staffers organized a list of 16,466 gender changes between June 1, 2020, and June 30, 2022. But this report cannot be taken as an accurate one because it was difficult to sort out driver’s licenses that are changed multiple times or in error or for any other reason than gender transition.

But the email that is received by the Texas Department of public safety from top management says that they need the complete records of the total number of changes from male to female and female to male on driver’s licenses in the last 24 months and the details should be broken down month by month.

As they have found more than 16,000 instances, the DPS officials decided that a manual search would be needed to find out the reason for these changes, and the information was given by DPS spokesman Travis Considine to the post in response to questions.

They also received subsequent emails from the office of the Attorney General regarding the same issue and said that they should narrow the data collected to include only the licenses that had been changed due to a court order that shows approval for a gender marker change.

The whole effort of Paxton’s office is to find out the data on how many Texans had to change their gender in their license to take the exact number so that they can take additional protective measures when needed.

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But some advocates for transgender Texans came with an argument that Paxton could use these data to further restrict their rights as he already knows the real number and names. However, Paxton’s office has not responded yet to such arguments.

The Republican leaders in Texas have also fastened their belts to fight against discrimination against the transgender community. They said the discrimination against the transgender community should consider as abuse and necessary actions should be taken to protect them.

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