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As The Audience Boos, Kelly Rowland Tells Them To Chill Out At The AMAs!



Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland was a hot topic available on the internet over the weekend as a result of the American Music Awards episode. Kelly Rowland recently faced backlash from the audience at the AMAs. After Chris Brown won the American Music Award, the crowd booed him, and she responded by telling them to “chill out.” This is what caused the backlash.

The best male R&B artist award winner, Brown, was not present at the ceremony. Rowland, who accepted the prize on his behalf, appeared taken aback by the audience’s booing when Brown’s name was called. Kelly Rowland expressed her admiration for Chris Rock and praised his contributions to the R&B genre. Chris Brown’s victory was announced to some audience members who may not have been overly thrilled.

Chris Brown wasn’t present, Why?

Brown was not to be found despite being expected to attend the AMAs on Sunday. In honor of the 40th anniversary of Jackson’s iconic Thriller album, Brown was also scheduled to give a tribute performance to the late Michael Jackson. The “Thriller” album will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November 2022, and thousands of supporters thought Chris Brown would create the perfect Michael Jackson homage performer.

Chris Brown

Unfortunately, Chris Brown did not attend the AMAs on Sunday. Considering that the AMAs abruptly decided to cancel his performance, this is probably a protest cited by Brown. Brown, who posted on Instagram early on Saturday to express his displeasure, was unaware of the decision. His AMA performance rehearsal, which lasted seven minutes, was shared.

why the performance was canceled

To demonstrate how committed the entire team was to the Michael Jackson tribute, Chris shared a video on Instagram of himself and his fellow dancers performing routines. As he and troupes work through choreography for his newest single, Brown starts the performance while seated in the improvisational video.

Soon after, the music stops and changes to bass-driven transitions as Brown and other people dance to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and other well-known songs from his discography. The cancellation, as well as Chris’s absence from the American Music Award, has disappointed fans. Many people are shocked to hear about the cancellation and are perplexed as to why the performance was canceled with such little notice when the AMAs were scheduled to air.

When contacted for comment on the cancellation of the tribute, representatives for the ABC network just weren’t available. Additionally, there was tons of speculative content on social media about the reasons behind the choice. Brown and Rihanna undoubtedly had a falling out in 2009, as many people speculate, but a dispute that was resolved more than ten years ago cannot be a reason to reschedule Brown’s appearance at the last minute.

Due to his 2009 altercation, which garnered significant media attention and, in many ways, black-balled the singer, many people are left to speculate that Brown had been blackballed. Following Rowland’s appearance at the AMAs, social media has received a very mixed response.

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Additional AMAs-related developments

Following the Recording Academy’s announcement of the nominees for the 2019 Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards took place. Ghost, along with Muse, Ozzy Osbourne, and many other artists, are this year’s nominees for best metal performance. The final decision for Favorite Rock Album was made entirely by fan votes, and Ghost was selected as the winner.

The biggest winner of the evening was Taylor Swift, who won all six awards for which she was nominated. This includes the artist of the year award, which was given out that evening. Swift has received 40 AMAs altogether as of this writing. Swift currently holds the record for being the fan-voted awards show’s most famous artist, which is unmatched!

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