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Cast Of “Love Actually” Reflects On The Movie’s 20-Year Legacy



Cast Of Love Actually Reflects On The Movie's 20-Year Legacy

The 20-year-old movie ‘Love Actually’ is still fresh in the moviegoer’s mind. It was a story that dealt with romance, rejections, family, and lots of other emotions, in the backdrop of London. Today, it is regarded as a holiday-classic movie. Moreover, many who had seen the movie back then, are still all praised the same.

It seems that the cast has aged quite gracefully since the movie was released two decades ago. Many of the stars have shared their hilarious moments from the sets of the movie recently. Emma Thompson is also among the stars who starred in the movie.

Recently, the show that looked back and reminisced about the past, came up on November 29. All interested viewers can also catch up with the show, on Hulu.  The plot of the movie comprised as many as nine stories, with each revolving around a romantic plot. For the unversed, the movie was released in 2003.

More About The Story And Cast Of ‘Love Actually’

The characters happened to be woven rather intricately in the storyline if anyone has already seen it in the past. The character of David was played by flamboyant Hugh Grant, who played the newly elected prime minister. He was shown falling in love with one of his employees, in the movie.

Cast Of Love Actually Reflects On The Movie's 20-Year Legacy

Additionally, the moviegoers also happened to meet David’s sister, who was saddened by her husband’s behavior. Lian Neeson played the role of Daniel, the husband. Now, that is not all. There were more characters, in the nine stories that made up the drama. A widower was shown taking care of his stepson and helping him win the heart of a girl in class.

Then there was Andrew Lincoln, who played the role of Mark in the movie. He happened to be madly in love with his friend’s wife the role played by Keira Knightley. The cast and crew address can go on and on. There were many more stars who made the movie a memorable watch. They included Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, and Alan Rickman as well.

The Idea Behind The Movie

Richard Curtis was the man behind the movie, who was also very popular at around that time, for his other romantic classics. His other movies, which were hits and still remain all-time favorites are ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ and ‘Notting Hill’.

In an interview, Curtis had told a reporter that he was too engrossed with the idea of love. So, he was making movies on love at that time. He also wanted to explore the realm and find out more about the subject. Only when he set out to make a movie, could he research it. It supposedly gave him a lot of inspiration.

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Emma Thompson went on record saying, that she was drawn to the idea in Curtis’ brain and toward the storyline. They had probably filmed in 2002. She said that Curtis made a movie on love, that was very funny as well. So, he happened to explore two genres in one go.

Moreover, the role of Hugh Grant was specifically made for him. No other star during those times could have proved just for that role. He had starred in several of Curtis’ films, and they probably shared a good camaraderie both on and off the screen.

When Hugh Grant was asked about his memories, he was all praises for Curtis as well. He seemed to be very happy to have stepped into the role of the president.

Additionally, Thompson has mentioned that Grant had also called the whole idea a bit ‘psychotic’ but too good for them all. Reportedly, Curtis’ own emotions went into the making of the hit movie. The stars seem to have all happy memories of the movie to date.

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