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The New Casey Anthony Documentary Is Creating A Stir On The Internet



The New Casey Anthony Documentary Is Creating A Stir On The Internet

Casey Anthony is one of the most famous personalities who received a lot of attention after she was acquitted of the murder charges related to her daughter. Her daughter was last seen on 16th June 2008; after that, she was reported dead.

It was later discovered that she had been brutally murdered near the house where the family stayed. Casey herself was considered to be the prime suspect and was immediately arrested. 

She had charges of first-degree and child abuse, including men slaughtering her daughter. She had provided false information to the police department.

But after all the prosecutions placed before the court of law, she was not found guilty of anything, and the only charge upon her was that she provided false information to the police. This case was very famous because it continued for a decade.

Why Is Casey Back In The Limelight? 

After probably 3 years since the acquittal, Casey has not been found anywhere in public. But again, she made a public appearance after her documentary was released last week.

Casey Anthony: Where the truth lies? It is her documentary that we want around all the struggles she had encountered in her life, especially those 10 years. 

The New Casey Anthony Documentary Is Creating A Stir On The Internet

After the documentary was released, various news channels like NBC provided a platform to Anthony so that she could speak her heart out and share her experience about everything she had to undergo.

This movie also considers the different types of justice delivery mechanism in the country and the way it has a detrimental impact on the life of the people. But not much appreciation was received by the audience after watching the documentary. People are expressing their outrage, and at the same point in time, they do not want to watch the movie at any cost. 

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The most important reason people do not want to watch this movie is that it focuses on a different plot altogether. This was not the case; the movie has only been made to present a clean public image.

The intention of the movie is not to provide justice to the young baby, and this is something that has affected the audience to a great extent. The movie revolves around all that affected Casey, and to provide her justice, the documentary even reports many wrong facts. 

For these reasons, the audience has decided to discard streaming at every cost because the movie is based on pure lies. This case was public, and each person knew the facts of the case. Many distorted and wrong facts have been reported in the movie.

The audience does not want any justice for Casey. But they want to know the culprit behind the young baby’s death. The documentary makes no attempt in order to reach that question. That is why nobody wants to waste time watching this documentary at any cost. 

What Has Casey Got To Say About This? 

It is important to mention that she has been continuously requesting the audience to go and watch the movie so that she can present her side of the story as well. But nobody is actually interested in it and it is unlikely that this documentary will stay on platforms like Netflix


It can be ultimately said that Casey has always been the Prime suspect and even now when she has been discharged of all the charges, many people still do not like her and consider her to be responsible for the death of the Young Child. In such a kind of situation, it becomes essential to prevent any kind of media trial and support the judgment of the case at every cost.

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